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Edu 215module 7 Education Philosophy Essay

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Students will experience many types of philosophies of education throughout his or her years while attending school. This is because teachers take his or her personal beliefs and experiences in developing their personal philosophies of education. I conducted interviews with five veteran teachers: C. Scott has been a third elementary teacher for 22 years; M. Watson has been a high school Mathematics and Physics Teacher for 16 years; V. Nicholson has been teaching fifth graders for 11 years, K. Corbin has five years of experience as a junior high school Social Studies Teacher, and A. Davis is going into his fourth year of teaching 12th grade History. From the interviews, I found that my ...view middle of the document...

Nicholson and Corbin (2011) both agreed:
The focus is only on what is best for my students, which is letting student coming up with ideas on how to deal with the bureaucracy of education and not worrying about how to balance the demands of the teaching profession with the political realities of the education systems.
Corbin (2011) student-centered philosophy stated that his focus is on differentiating instruction and meeting the individual social, academic, and emotional needs of all students as being the greatest challenges as an educator.
Davis (2011) stated about his greatest challenge as an educator relating to student-centered philosophy:
My greatest challenge as an educator is that I want every student to feel the challenge and success that education provides. Knowing that my students and I can work together and determine ways to make the student learning process easier for them to learn and decision together what information should be learned is one of my greatest benefits.
Student-centered philosophy is collaboration between students and teachers, and it is becoming to be teaching standard. Walczyk and Ramsey (2003) cited by Abel and Campbell (2009, p. 4) stated, recognizing the importance of recognizing student-centered learning, federal funds are now being issued to increase the use of learner-centered instruction with the hope that it will encourage universal reforms in an effort to improve educational outcomes. Camp (1996) cited by Abel and Campbell (2009, p. 4) both agreed that this transition towards a student-centered approach has led some to question if an educational standard shift is in process.

Another philosophy of education that my interviewees, Nicholson, Corbin, Davis, and I have in common is the evolving of technology. They agree that because everyone has or has access to a computer it is only appropriate to have some type of internet/computer activity be a part of student’s curricula.
Nicholson (2011) stated:
Students at the school where I teach have daily access to advanced technologies. It is a requirement that computer/internet assignments are implemented in my curriculum. Each student is given a computer and internet access to be use in the classroom to complete weekly assignments. When my career as a teacher begun, students used the library as the student’s only resource; therefore the evolution of technology since I started teacher have accelerated in a positive, and powerful direction.
Corbin (2011) responded to evolution of technology interview question by stating:
Before, the evolving of technology, we had the transparencies and green screen computers. Only one computer per classroom! Technology is wonderful! I use interactive computer program and the internet and other new innovations to help improve the student learning. Students are given access to computer labs to help them with research assignments.
Davis (2011) stated technology has not changed because I first started teaching a...

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