Education Among Minorities. This Is A Great Summary Of 2 Different Journals, Explaning Minorities And Their Educational Disabilities

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Education Among MinoritiesThe first of the journal's four major points is to explain why some minority students do well in school. The first step in understanding why there is success and failure in all types of minorities. The different type of minority groups are the ones that classify what type of minority you are dealing with and what type of environment they are associated with. There are three types of minority groups that are classified as educational minority groups and they are Autonomous minorities, immigrant minorities, and involuntary or castelike minorities. The first one being the autonomous minorities are the ones such as Jews and Mormons that are minorities primarily in a ...view middle of the document...

Involuntary individuals also think that even if they are allowed only marginal jobs they are still better off in the United States then in there own country.The second point of the article was about societal and school factors. Most of the educational discrimination began in the past when society did not provide educational opportunity to immigrants or involuntary minorities, now minorities don't even have the opportunity today. There is three way that minorities have being denied equal education opportunities. The first one is the fact that minority adults can not get the same jobs as whites in the United States because they don't have good education. This is a big factor in the entire minority groups. They want to go into the job market and can't get certain jobs because of job ceiling. At that time the minorities that had the same qualifications where not awarded the same job as tows of the white individuals or the same salary. Some minorities with the same education as a white person in a corporation will not advance do to passover in the company so now a lot of minorities are getting disgorged and are not putting in as much effort into the educational process. The second factor is denying equal educational opportunity to minorities of equal access to good education. Minority children get inferior education and that means that they cannot learn as much or test as well as children in the dominant group who get superior education. Minorities getting inferior education will pretty much guarantee that they will not do well in life such as job wise or getting ahead in job opportunities. The third fact is labeling the minority children as educationally handicapped. This sometimes will happen but a minority child may be concidred handicapped in a good school because they are not at the same level of the other students. Teachers believe that the child is handicapped when all it is that the child has a different culture.The third point in the article was bilingual education for desegregation. Being bilingual can also be a difficult take for some minorities. As a bilingual minority you are expected to know two languages one may be for the household because they might have parents that do not speak English. English may be a difficult concept to grasp when stating school because you are not used to the language. All you where brought up to learn was your native language so children have a very difficult time learning and fitting in at school. Sometimes their education might be held back because they might need to be in classes where they have to explain the educational process in two languages. Some children were also being desegregated among the white community until Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. At they time President Lyndon B. Johnson signaled the nation's first commitment to addressing the English language skill of minority students by signing into law title VII of the elementary and secondary education Act: the bilingual Education...

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