Education And The Computer Essay

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Education and the Computer

There are many different ways to use the computer. For Elementary
Education there is a great need to have computers in schools. “The use of computers, technology applications and hands-on learning enables each student to tie-in your classroom objectives and make a connection to real-world applications. This methodology gives each student equal access to a world of knowledge limited only by the imagination”. In modern school systems, almost every child is exposed to computers. They are asked to type things, access the Internet, and create projects, all using computers. These skills are important tools that can be used later on in life.

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For example, I was in an Elementary classroom for a High School class that I took. When we got there, the teacher asked us to help our buddy get information, find information on the Internet regarding an animal that they had previously picked. They had already read a book about their animal from the library, and they had a few generic questions that the teacher wanted them to find answers to. She asked us to help them research more on their animals using the Internet. When we found an answer, the children had to use their own words to summarize the information that the website provided. After all of the answers were filled in, the children had a weekend to compose a paper about their animal. Then the next week they were going to hand in the paper and present it to the class.

The problem with this assignment is that you have to have some supervision. There are too many areas on the Internet that children can go even though they should not. Due to the many dangers found on the Internet, a very close eye must be kept on them. So this is one downfall of the Internet.

The last downfall of the Internet that really needs to be looked at not just from a teachers standpoint but from a...

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