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Education And The Evolving Job Market

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The lives of students today are changing. They are preparing for lives and jobs that have never before existed. If teachers hope to have a significant and worthwhile impact on these quickly changing lives, they must change the way they think, prepare, and instruct our future generations. Children cannot afford to have teachers who remain stagnant in their methods and ideals. Students crave instructors that are willing to allow them to tap into their potential in a manner that is interesting, fun, and important to them. Teachers must revolutionize the manner in which they educate in order to meet the high expectations that students have for them. This revolution can begin with teachers ...view middle of the document...

Teachers are still looking for a way to shape the individual, to prepare students for the ever-changing future and must do so by acknowledging their strengths and talents while helping them develop other necessary skills and understanding.
But, what exactly are the current educators of our nation facing, and what do teachers need to do in order to best aid the future generation? According to Voltz, Sims, and Nelson (2010) teachers in the world today are confronted with more diversity and more challenges in their schools than ever before. Many outside factors establish the terms and conditions for the school curriculum including standards-based reform; inclusive classrooms; and cultural, linguistic, and economic diversities. In classrooms brimming with diversity, teachers adapt in order to better prepare students for their futures - be that high school, college, and/or a steady and successful career. While there are many methods and approaches that can be used to guide instruction such as universal design for learning, sheltered instruction, and multicultural education, differentiated instruction is an approach that is quickly capturing the attention of districts across the country (Voltz et. al., 2010), and with good reason.
Noddings (1983) states that in order to give all students an equal and quality education curriculum makers cannot force all of them to take the same path of study. Differentiated instruction is a “one size DOESN’T fit all” approach to teaching and learning that ensures all students have different paths throughout their schooling experience. This method of teaching is student-centered. With this system of instruction teachers are able to purposefully prepare and execute curriculum in a way that meets the diverse needs, wants, dreams, and abilities of all students in the classroom (Gregory and Chapman, 2007). Dewey (1929) would be elated to see that control in the classroom in this method is shifted; that teachers are not “[imposing] certain ideas” on children, but rather serve as influential guides on their journey of discovery. This is paramount to his idea that education is a natural process. The purpose of differentiated instruction is to aid each individual child in his instinctive quest for knowledge. This method of teaching and learning is vital to ensuring that lesson objectives are not changed and that expectations are not lowered for some students but rather the way that students gain and assimilate information is varied based on their preferences and/or academic abilities (Anderson, 2007). According to Gregory and Chapman (2007), through differentiation educators are able to “give all students an opportunity to learn to their full potential.” The authors furthermore state instructors who support this philosophy have several key beliefs about the learners they teach. These include: (1) every student has his own areas strength and weakness, (2) each student has the abilities and capacities to...

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