Education Empowerment Essay

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Educational Empowerment

The current economic world is intelligent, intersected, and instrumented. The lack of proper training in schools, to enable students to relate what they have learnt to real life situations in the workplace, is setting them up to failure in life. Schools have more room for preparation of students for jobs in the economic industry. They should come up with a new and innovative curriculum, which would prepare the students for a progressively competitive and complex job market where knowledge is not the only winning attribute. Communication skills, mobility, analytical and social skills all play a major role in the market and hence they should be given priority in ...view middle of the document...

Starting apprenticeship program will be able to test this theory out. Government have supported this program, one, to increased more trades worker, and second, because apprenticeship has a good structure for learners to learn and apply their skills and construct a work identity. (Taylor et al., 2008)

The fundamental competencies that many schools fail to integrate into their curricula include problem solving, critical and creative thinking, diplomacy, leadership, entrepreneurship, communication skills, imagination, and innovation. These attributes are essential for the growth and development of any economically sound nation. The absence of these elements in a country’s educational system creates a disconnection between students and the job market. More students are inclined towards how they can spend the money they earn rather than how they can invest and save the money in an innovative way for future development.

The business world provides a job market that is in deep need of innovators and visionaries. The current school curriculum heavily fails to teach the right skills that can make the students visionaries and innovators (Wotherspoon, 2009). The contemporary culture of learning is at loggerheads with the art of learning that produces innovation and creativity. Schools place their central focus on individual achievement of students rather than teamwork. This conflicts with the workplace where individuality hardly ever produces any meaningful output. Diversity in schools is almost non-existent. Specialization is upheld and even rewarded. This leads to the lack of skill diversity by students who end up underperforming and being limited to a single line of thought and action. Ultimately, this contributes to lack of innovation, which is of utmost importance in the workplace. In Taylor et al.’s article, apprenticeship training center had given students the chance to discuss and work as a group to problem solve their questions and share their knowledge. The result was good. Not only did the students felt that they have learned from others, also they have learn their weakness so they can go for specific trainings.

In schools, the culture of avoidance of risk taking is detrimental to the development of the students. Students stick to one single mode of operation and any diversion is considered offensive. This limits student imagination and innovation, which are the key ingredients in the business world (Wotherspoon, 2009) Furthermore, learning is more passive than active. The teacher-student flow of information turns students into consumers rather than creators. The workplace requires inventors and less of...

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