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School, in most cases, should be a place of learning, fun, and shaping students for the future ahead of them with as few distractions as possible. The importance of a good education for young, and even older people, is a major part of that person’s life now, and later. A good education, however, should not be difficult to obtain. It should not matter where you live, what your roots are, or what kind of person you are yourself. In “School,” “Best in Class,” and “Superman and Me,” the authors take on very different, and specific views on their ideas in each essay. Through Kyoko Moris’ use of personal experiences, Margaret Talbot’s use of pathos, and Sherman Alexie’s use of ...view middle of the document...

Different from Kyoko Mori, Talbot uses personal observations from her own life in order to make the reader feel some emotion. Her use of pathos is not of her own experiences, but of the one’s she writes about in her essay. Talbot uses her interviews with students to talk about the struggles of trying to become the valedictorian of their respective school, and to argue whether or not to keep the valedictorian or not. “ particular, a girl named Kylie Barker, who told me recently that she had wanted to be valedictorian ‘pretty much forever.’” This statement from one of her interviews is to create a sympathy to her readers. If the readers know that this girl has wanted to become the valedictorian all her life, then they will be “rooting” for that person to get it because this was her dream. “...’would be easier to just start out without valedictorians, so we wouldn’t be taking something away later on.’” The new principal of a new school that said this is a very credible source, making the audience think to believe this over any of the other interviews of the text. The uses of the student and principal interviews throughout the essay gives a big sympathy for the readers while still making the point of the valedictorian problem in school.
Parallel structures in “Superman and Me” help the author tell the readers how both Sherman Alexie and his father were one in the same. In the essay, Alexie lets his readers know that if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it; no matter how you do it, you must persevere....

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