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The United States has been teaching its students for countless years now. Today's education process in the United States is that of the banking process. Paulo Freire gives light to a new and advanced process by which America should learn by, one that will prove to be an investment for the nations society, and soon will.
For years now we have been learning in Americas institutions for the first eighteen to twenty-five years of our lives. Always being taught by our teachers and professors, hoping that what they say will give us light to a hopeful future. Students generally sit in a classroom and absorb or bank, to put it in words of Paulo Freire, the information given or taught by the ...view middle of the document...

Group work has been tossed around for years now. In the medical field is where group consensus originated. Doctors found that having an opinion of a legion of doctors as opposed too just having the opinion of one doctor is more beneficial to the patient. The same has expanded into the business sector. Businesses encourage and often require meetings or group sessions to discuss various topics. In these meetings many ideas or viewpoints related to a common topic are laid on the table. These topics are then evaluated, reviewed, contemplated, and then put into effect. The outcome is an idea that is not only beneficial to the one who thought of it but also a benefit to the whole corporate entity. Group work allows good points from various angles to come together and form the most favorable situation.
The idea of group work has been increasingly integrated into the learning process today. Teachers now allow more group work among students. Allowing to do so gives the students more freedom and thus a cushion like feeling that gives them the comfort to talk amongst others and toss ideas around. Group session gives students a better sense of security when discussing topics amongst peers. Instead of speaking in front of the entire class and feeling uncomfortable and prone to mistakes, group work allows one to feel at ease. Comfort allows an individual to experience a more relaxed and casual setting. This setting is what brings out more interaction amongst peers, true feelings, and knowledge some saw was inaccessible. This setting also enables an individual to take in knowledge that is moving from peer to peer. Discussion groups monitored by a teacher allow...

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