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Education Is A Powerful Weapon To Change The World

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There has always been a universal appreciation that education is linked to development. Education has been found to influence the quality of lives of citizens. It no doubt has a significant role to play in accelerating the economic and social development of any nation. Not only does it produce escape from the chains of ignorance, poverty, disaster, conflict, civil unrest etc., it also helps in creating the vibrant civil society which engages in nation-building. UNESCO (2002) reports that in developing countries, every additional year of education can increase a person’s future income by an average of 10 (ten) percent. This fact is very important, especially when viewed in light of poverty stricken nations determined to pull themselves out of the dilemma.

Jackson (2006) ascertains that no country can fully develop economically and socially if it fails to tap and fully utilize ...view middle of the document...

However, a significant gap still exists in some developed and most developing countries.

Furthermore, education is a good legacy, which any government can bequeath to its citizen. A good weapon to combat poverty, corruption, disaster, civil unrest, and to accomplish peace, economic, social development and growth in the world. Evidence suggests that countries with a higher literacy rate of citizens are able to effectively control their resources, which in turn brings about change to the world, since the world constitute of different countries. Similarly, education has become paramount in this age, where information is the key resource for every individual and organization, that is, access to the right and relevant information solely depends on it. The world is now a global village where it has become possible for the whole world to interact in terms of communication, investment, signing bilateral relation between two countries, e-commerce, e-health, to mention a few.

With the few points mentioned, I absolutely agree with the quote of Nelson Mandela which posits education as a weapon which can be used to change the world and strongly believe that education is indeed, the pillar, which any country should lay upon. It is imperative that we and our government empower and encourage our citizens in all countries, to participate fully in this mainstay, for the present and future development of our individual well-being, the nation, and the world at large. Also, world organizations should draw up policies that will assist with the promotion and protection of education, its resources and voice to effectuate full participation in all countries.

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