Education Is A Right Not A Privelege

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Education should be accessible for everyone. The government should not have the power to have an influence on education and it should not be restricted for those considered to be more “economically elite” than others. Saying that only the privileged deserve an education is judgmental and unequal. It is judgmental because children that are “less fortunate” or come from poorer backgrounds are thought to be not as smart, which is not true. Education is all about building the minds of the future. With the government intervening, that may not be possible; and society will be at a great loss.

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0 Children now will determine the outcome of society in the future, and it all starts with their education. If they don’t receive a good education then they will not be able to keep up and carry on with the new technologies - for example - those that come with highly respected careers. Mainly surgeons, physicists, lab technicians, and various levels of other health care professionals. The early stages of a child’s life are the most important. They need to learn good motor skills, what is right and wrong, and basically the essentials of life. By reinforcing their skills while they are young, a better foundation is being created for their academic skills.

The government shouldn’t penalize lower income families by restricting their education. Raising tuition will create debt that will be too extreme and numerous families will struggle over many years to pay that back. By raising tuition students will be stressed, as they will have to work while going to school. Working will add to their school workload, which in turn may affect their marks....

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