Education Of Women And Socio Economic Development

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Education of women and socio-economic development

In the political and economic spheres, for example, this is conspicuous presently in the enthusiasm for global governance among thinkers, academics, and international institutions.It can also be seen in the acceptance, among many influential opinion-makers, of the need for a world currency and for international economic policy coordination.Many other ideas and institutions prescribed by in the last century have been embraced by the world in the past few decades.

Women account for roughly half the world's population, perform two-thirds of the hours worked, receive one-tenth of the world's income, and have less than one ...view middle of the document...


Economic empowerment is the capacity of women and men to participate in, contribute to and benefit from growth processes in ways which recognise the value of their contributions, respect their dignity and make it possible to negotiate a fairer distribution of the benefits of growth.1 Economic empowerment increases women’s access to economic resources and opportunities including jobs, financial services, property and other productive assets, skills development and market information.
Women’s economic participation and empowerment are fundamental to strengthening women’s rights and enabling women to have control over their lives and exert influence in society.2 It is about creating just and equitable societies. Women often face discrimination and persistent gender inequalities, with some women experiencing multiple discrimination and exclusion because of factors such as ethnicity or caste.


Women’s economic empowerment is a prerequisite for sustainable development, pro-poor growth and the achievement of all the MDGs. At the same time it is about rights and equitable societies.

There is scope for increasing donor investments in women’s economic empowerment.

Achieving women’s economic empowerment is not a “quick fix”. It will take sound public policies, a holistic approach and long-term commitment from all development actors.

Start with women by integrating gender-specific perspectives at the design stage of policy and programming.

More equitable access to assets and services - land, water, technology, innovation and credit, banking and financial services - will strengthen women’s rights, increase agricultural productivity, reduce hunger and promote economic growth.

Infrastructure programmes should be designed to maximise poor women’s and men’s access to the benefits of roads, transportation services, telecommunications, energy and water.

Women experience barriers in almost every aspect of work. Employment opportunities need to be improved. At the same time women perform the bulk of unpaid care work. This is an area for greater attention by development actors through increased recognition and valuing of the ways in which care work supports thriving economies.

Innovative approaches and partnerships are needed to scale up women’s economic empowerment

The economic and social gains from female education

Equality of the sexes - in terms of men and women's command over resources, their access to education and health, and in terms of freedom to develop their potential - has an intrinsic value in its own right. The equal treatment of the sexes for intrinsic reasons is, in the parlance of welfare economics, the equity reason for reducing gender-imbalances. A second important reason in favour of reducing gender-imbalances is what might be termed the instrumental reason, that is, the gains to be had from granting equality. For example, if with equal education, women's contribution to...

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