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Some Changes in Vietnamese Education
Education helps children develop their virtues and faculties. Education is a complicated affair as it is supposed to equip children for their lives. Since life styles are always changing, the contents of education must necessary modify to correspond to outside practical lives. So when a child leaves the school, he or she may lead to a useful life. Education is also one of the most important steps that take a country to a better level. Stepping into the 21st century, Vietnamese educational system is still weak in quality, unbalanced in structure and not linked with practice. Furthermore, the training is not linked with employment. “Though the literacy ...view middle of the document...

They just want whatever their children get from the schools can be used and practiced in their current lives. And also, Vietnam can come up to developing countries all over the world. However, Vietnamese education system has kept still on the spot from the former time to nowadays, because government is the decider. Most of leaders in the Vietnamese government system does not listen to, as well as sympathize with the desire and expectation of their people. In the other words, they always persist that there’s nothing wrong with the education method. Therefore, if I were one of the governors of the Vietnamese education system, I would carry on reforming this kind of teaching method and studying practice.
The reason for this educational problem, first of all, comes from the attitude of most of the students to the subjects. Students are just studying to pass their exams, and they lack any real love for their subjects. Another reason is fear. Our education has for hundreds of years applied a traditional teaching method in which students passively obey what their teachers have told them. They have no courage to ask for more information even when they have not understood something. This fact shows the fear of expressing their own viewpoints. In other words, they are afraid of the teachers would judge or criticize them if they are wrong.
Another person who should be put on the blame for this problem is teachers who have traditional teaching methods. According to Ministry of Education and Traning of Vietnam, “The rate of teachers who are not yet qualified is rather high at 15%. In some provinces in North West and Tay Nguyen this rate amounts up to 30-40%. Teachers of Arts, Singing-Music, Physical Education and optional subjects such as Computer, Foreign Languages are strongly needed. Although the number of teachers meeting training standards is increasing, their professional skills and methodologies are still weak. Lecturers in the pedagogical institutions for training primary teachers have not yet been highly qualified and particularly lack practical experience.” (Thai) In a typical Vietnamese classroom, lesson is read aloud, and students write down their text. It is Vietnamese traditional teaching method which requires no more than learning by heart and limits practical skills. For example, a lot of students nowadays are still afraid of speaking in front of the public due to being timid, not confident. That is because in class applying traditional teaching method, they don't have to speak in front of other students. Instead, they are "public" and it's the teacher who answers all the questions they ask and provides lots of information they need. Students need communication skill. It's traditional teaching method which focuses so much on academic theories but ignore applying them into practice. That's why some students are good at solving mathematical problems but fail in solving social problems. It is thinking skill that needs improving. Some...

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