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Although the perception of transition planning has been in place for years and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 1997 ordered the basics of the transition planning process, it is time to focus on the goal of transition to post-secondary education or the workplace if we intend to truly provide productive outcomes for students with disabilities.
Abridged Literature Review
Students with disabilities simply do not benefit from postsecondary training to the same extent as their counterparts who do not report disabilities do. Thirty-three percent of college graduates with disabilities who have the capacity to work are unemployed, a figure that contrasts sharply with the 2.5% unemployment rate for college graduates without disabilities who have the capability to work. Many reasons are given for the poor employment prospects and outcomes for postsecondary students with disabilities. Some researchers have attributed the situation to the stigmatizing treatment that individuals with disabilities face in the workplace. Employers are reluctant to hire people with disabilities because they are concerned about (a) the costs associated with providing accommodations, (b) the presumed problems with safety, attendance, and productivity, (c) their feelings of discomfort if they were to fire a person with a disability, and (d) the likelihood that other employees would react negatively to a co-worker with a disability (Roessler, 2007).
In 2002, The National Joint Committee for Learning Disabilities discussion forum identified three major issues affecting the documentation and transition process for student with learning disabilities (LD). Issue 1: There is a lack of consistency in the documentation requirements for students as they transition from secondary to postsecondary programs. Issue 2: There is a disconnect between the laws that govern secondary and postsecondary access to programs and services for individuals with LD. Issue 3: Various driving forces complicate matters. Secondary and postsecondary institutions differ in their programs and expectations (NJCLD, 2007).
A lack of alignment with employer needs is another shortcoming that is frequently encountered in current transition practices. The structure and priorities of the education system are the primary guiding forces in the design of most programs. Many programs offer only minimal exposure to the work environment. Community work experiences are usually short term and intermittent and do not necessarily include hands-on learning. This learning out of context can make it difficult for students to integrate life skills and job skills in a meaningful way (Rutkowski, 2006).
Thompson et al. (2000) found that, although 86% of students with LD anticipated participating in postsecondary education, many of them had not even taken entrance exams. Additionally, transition planning and services provided for students with LD have varied greatly across schools, suggesting that there is...

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