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Education: Where Has The United States Gone Wrong?

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In the United States, equality is and has always been something strived for. It is a nation proud to be known for its progress in regards to equality in religious, racial, and philosophical differences. In the education system, however, many decisions regarding equality have resulted in negative consequences. We have chosen quantity over quality, and our youth are suffering from a lackluster education program because of this. In America, striving to teach all children and provide them with equal opportunities has diminished the quality of the education we are giving to youth.

The importance of education is clear to our nation, particularly at this time when competing with international ...view middle of the document...

When students are not grouped by ability, they are affected by their classmates in ways that are potentially positive and negative. “…Critics [of tracking] maintain that sorting students according to their achievement level will lead to assimilation effects that enhance student motivation in higher tracks and undermine it in lower ones,” say specialists in human development and education in an article about relations between tracking, grading, and student motivation. It is intended that lower-achieving students will be affected positively by the presence of high-achieving students. Alternately, a negative effect may face above-average students who lose focus and motivation when placed in an environment where not all of their peers are competitive and strongly motivated.

As a result of “detracking” schools, the majority of students are dragged, whether it is for better or worse, toward the middle road of students. This middle road is the group that do well enough in classes and who have the potential to be great students who do exceptionally well in school. Students who are above or below this group are gently pushed together into one mass because of the aforementioned mixing of students with different needs. According to the journal “Detracking America's Schools: the Reform Without Cost?” by Dominic J. Brewer, Daniel I. Rees, and Laura M. Argys:
Ability grouping or ‘tracking’ has long been used in public schools as an important method for organizing students, particularly at the high school level. It is seen as a way to narrow the range of performance and motivation in a group of students, thereby making teaching easier and preventing less able students from ‘holding back’ those with greater academic talent. However, as concern over test scores, dropout rates, and related social ills has grown, tracking has become increasingly controversial.
For an average student, there is very little pressure to go above the abilities that they are demonstrating, and enough self-motivation is present to require very little reinforcement to keep up average work. This lack of pressure and of attention from teachers has two causes. Firstly, there is no “need” for these students to go above where they are. In this group, students are able to pass their tests and fulfill the wishes of the school to meet “Adequate Yearly Progress,” a requirement of schools in public education to make certain amounts of progress. Secondly, the attention that could be propelling the middle students to greater success is being focused on bringing students of lower...

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