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Educational Goals And Philosophy Essay

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Educational Goals and Philosophy

How do I feel about teaching? I feel that the most important career an individual could choose would be education. Teachers play an important role in the lives of young children. They help shape and mold the world's future citizen that will run companies, be politicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, electricians, construction workers, or whatever they desire. I feel that the most important role of a teacher is to provide children with the best possible education that is available. Teachers need to help young children learn and work up to their potential to be a productive, responsible citizen in society today.

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The quality of a student's performance depends greatly on how they learn. I hope to meet all my student's needs by incorporating a wide variety of techniques in my lesson plans. I will use cooperative learning groups, peer tutoring, teach - reteach methods, hands - on activities, and the use of technology. I will be open - minded to any suggestions or any new approaches that may arise.

I feel that students should be able to relate information from one subject to another. You should teach across the curriculum so students acquire a true understanding of the concepts being taught and how they interrelate to each other. Students should be able to associate what is being taught to the real world and know how to apply what they have been taught. Students need to be challenged at all times. Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy level of questioning techniques is a great example to follow. Students are asked factual, lowrr - order questions and thought - provoking higher - order questions. I know from my own experience that during my first year of college I had to learn a totally different way of studying for tests. Although I received an excellent education during elementary, middle school, and high school, I was not prepared for the types of questions on college exams. I was use to memorizing a lot of factual information across the curriculum. In college, I am learning to answer questions in essay forms by comparing and contrasting, explaining, giving examples, justification, and so forth. I hope to instill in my students at a young age how to think through problems and come up with...

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