Educational Preparation Essay

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Educational Preparation
Jessica Ferrante
Grand Canyon University
January 24, 2015

Educational Preparation
Adults of all ages dream of becoming a nurse. Being able to help and care for people is a very rewarding and satisfying career. Currently most nursing schools offer either an Associate-degree in nursing (ADN) or a Baccalaureate-degree in nursing (BSN). With these two choices available, which path should one take?
The ADN program is a 2 year program offered at local community colleges, with prerequisites that usually take 1-2 more years of education. These programs are successful in producing a graduate that is able to pass state licensing exams known ...view middle of the document...

The difference in competency is that a Baccalaureate level RN has more education and therefore is a more adequately prepared clinician to provide safe and enhanced nursing care.
This difference in competency is evident in the following patient care scenario: Mr. Martinez is a 79 year old who has gone to an outpatient care unit for elective surgery, along with his wife. He had is gallbladder removed and after hours in the hospital he is now ready for discharge. He has a drain that he and his wife must care for and he informs the nurse that he does not have a ride home. An Associate-degree nurse will care for him and give him any ordered treatments and medications. She can provide him with his discharge instructions written by the physician, do teaching regarding the drains and attempt to find him transportation home. The Baccalaureate level prepared nurse can also do all of the same care while incorporating theories of nursing practice, critical thinking concepts and public health knowledge. Providing more qualified nursing care will help the patient is better equipped to care for himself at home, have resources to assist him and decrease the chance for readmission.
In the 1970s and ‘80s the ADN program encouraged a new group of students that
included men and older women to choose nursing careers. The programs were numerous and
assisted in eliminating the nursing shortage of that time. In 2006 in the state of California, 46.6%
of RN licenses were obtained through ADN programs, while only 37.7% of RN licenses were
obtained through a BSN program (Nurselink, 2015). The rest of the Registered Nurses (RN)
had gone through hospital based diploma programs. This type of program does not offer a
degree. Many professionals and organizations are...

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