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Effecrive Communication In The Health Industry

1152 words - 5 pages

Janette Mollineau

HCA 230

Instructor Louise Murray MSOM

Sunday November 10, 2013

Effective Communication in Health Industry

Effective communication is an important tool used by health care providers to enhance population health quality of health care and therapeutic outcome. This is because health outcome and client behavior are highly influenced and shaped by communication that is used to facilitate the interaction between health care provider and the patient. Effective communication is paramount importance to both the client and care provider. It can be defined as the exchange of information that is ...view middle of the document...

Professionals can use interview skills at exploitation phase to explore the clients’ problem and provide an adequate solution. At the resolution phase, patient problems are well handled through collaborative relationship, and the relationship is terminated if both parties are satisfied. The effective collaboration improves health care outcome, which benefits the client while health care providers enjoy the positive results of their profession.

Supportive and Defensive Relationship

Supportive relationships in the health care industry are enhanced by social support in the process of preventing diseases and illnesses. These interventions provide social support by increasing information to the affected person, and provide them with an opportunity to address their challenges collectively, instead of handling them individually. A defensive relationship, on the other hand, is characterized by one’s ability to be evaluative, exercising control over others, lack of openness to different ideas, and indifferences (Ekron, 2004). The two types of relationship apply in different situations, but supportive relationship is the most appropriate in the health industry. This is because supportive relationships help communicating parties avoid judgmental cues, invites each other to a collaborative association, considers the contributions made by other parties, and provides provisional attitude that welcomes the views of other people (Ekron, 2004). A supportive relationship can work best in the interaction between client and health care provider.

Assertive Communication in Health Industry

Assertiveness, compared to other styles of communication, enhances the effectiveness of communication between health care provider and client. The assertive style of communication allows the communicating parties to establish a win-win situation by respecting the rights and opinions of both parties. The common features of assertive communication include non-verbal expression, willingness to give an opinion, and acceptance of feedback from others (Benedict, 2013). It is the most appropriate style of communication in the health setting because it enhances interpersonal relationships and self-esteem, reduces conflict, provides the sense of control, helps each of the communicating parties to treat each other with respect and retrains respect for one (Benedict, 2013).

Interpersonal Communication Skills

My interpersonal communication skills may not have been perfect in the past, but I have been trying to improve with time. Based on a self- assessment model (six elements) proposed by Spitzberg & Cupach’s (2008) the competence of my interpersonal communication skills have been improving. First, adaptability scores reflect my ability to change goals and behavior to address the needs of an interaction when communicating. Secondly, my high cognitive involvement in a conversation is demonstrated by the use of vocal cues and interaction behaviors such...

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