Effect And Influence Of Stakeholders On Corporate Decisions

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Effect and Influence of Stakeholders on corporate Decisions
Babatunde Adesokan
BUSI 301
March 27, 2013
Dr. Phiser

Annotated Bibliography
Brugha, Rhuairiand and Varvazovszky Zsuzsa. (2000). Stakeholder Analysis: a review. Health Policy and Planning 15(3), pg. 239-246. Retrieved from heapol.oxford journals.org/content/15/3/239.full.pdf+html on 06/13/14
This journal engages the stakeholder analysis to generate knowledge about relevant actors so as to understand their behaviors, intentions, interrelation, agendas, interests, and the influence or resources they have brought or could bring to bear on decision making processes.
  Dhir, S. Krishna. (2007). Stakeholder activism through ...view middle of the document...

Business Strategic Review, 8(2), pg. 25-28.
Jacob is a research fellow in the department of Geography at the London school of economics and political science. In this journal, the author established that environment matters a lot in the future. The author asserted that decision making should be a thing of joy especially when stakeholders are involved.
Jeremy Hall, H. V. (2005). Managing stakeholder ambiguity. MIT Sloan Management Review, 47(1), 11-13. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/224963071?accountid=12085 on 06/13/14
The author examines and reviews researches concerning how managers can cope or relate to stakeholders in decision making. The journal exposed the fact that managers are ill-prepared to deal with the issue of stakeholder ambiguity hence are compelled to revert to formulaic decision-making frameworks, such as discounted cash flow and cost-benefit analysis, which misinterpret the challenges. The author disclosed that managers often ignore the importance of secondary stakeholders in decision making at the expense of the organization. This journal will greatly help in maximizing the impact of stakeholders on executive decisions.
Howitt, M., & McManus, J. (2012). Stakeholder management: An instrument for decision making. Management Services, 56(3), 29-34. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/1419016056?accountid=12085 on 06/14/14.
Michael Howitt is the head of work-based distance learning and subject group leader Lincoln Business School, college of social science. McManus is a practicing manager, speaker, teacher, consultant, and author in the field of strategy, field, project manager, software development, business reengineering, total quality management, and change management.
The authors disclosed that positive and mutually supportive stakeholder relationships encourage trust and stimulate collaborative effort that lead to relational wealth. In order to solve the problem of stakeholders this journal divided it into two namely primary and secondary. Primary stakeholders are those that are those that directly affect decision making while secondary are those that are affected by the decision making in some ways.
Karlsen, J. T. (2002). Project stakeholder management. Engineering Management Journal,14(4), 19-24. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.docview/208967981?accountid=12085 on 06/14/14.
Karlsen is an associate professor of project management at the Norwegian school of management BI. This journal is about project management and examines stakeholders influence on decisions taken on projects. The author disclosed that project environment is very complex hence the need to address the issue of stakeholder management so as to avoid unnecessary problems.
Tony R. John, Jin Li, and Chanchai, Tangpong. (2010). Stakeholder Prescription and Managerial Decisions: an Investigation on the Universality of Stakeholder Prescription. Journal of Managerial Issues, 22(3), pg. 245. Retrieved from...

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