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Effect Of Excercise On Pulse Essay

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Effect of Excercise on Pulse

We are trying to find out the pulse rate when doing exercise by
testing the pulse at rest then doing exercise and then every minute
afterwards for 5 minutes observing how the rate is affected.


I think the heartbeat will get faster the harder you exercise because
you need energy for your muscles so you need to breathe more, and send
more blood around the body to generate energy by respiration.


First we're going to test the pulse rate at rest on four people two
boys and two girls, then they are going to walk for one minute and
test the pulse five times (every minute) after exercise. We are doing
this three times (3 tests), so that we can calculate an average result
to improve accuracy. This will then be done again for jogging then
running with four people being tested. We are then going to put it in
a table and then onto a graph to ...view middle of the document...

Exercise affects the heartbeat because your body needs energy to
perform. To get energy you need oxygen and glucose to be provided to
muscle cells in larger amounts and so more blood needs to be sent to
those cells per minute and therefore pulse rate needs to increase.
However the fitter you are the larger the chambers in your heart will
grow and so more blood can be circulated in one pump, so less pumps
are needed per minute compared to an un-fit person of the same size,
weight etc.


We recorded our results in a table like this one:


1 Minute

2 Minutes

3 Minutes

4 Minutes

5 Minutes





Analysis of Results

When I look at my results there is a clear pattern showing the more I
exercise the higher my pulse rate goes up. For example, after 1 minute
of walking it was: up by 8, jogging: up by 15 and running: up by 19.
This shows an increase in respiration and so a demand for glucose and
oxygen. In addition the recovery rate for the 3 exercises was very
different. It took longer to return towards the normal for running
than jogging and similarly for jogging than walking. This is because
the muscles have been working harder and still need to work to get rid
of the waste materials that have built up.


I found out that the more you exercise and the harder you exercise the
higher the pulse rate gets. These results support my prediction, as I
said pulse rate would increase with exercise intensity. .

My research supported my prediction because the heart did get faster
the more they exercised due to the increased demand for energy by the
muscles and therefore an increase in respiration.


The method (test) I used was successful and my results were accurate
because the heart did go up straight away after exercise then went
back down slowly to near enough the same pulse rate at rest.

The results were clear and enabled more to conclude and confirm my
prediction. To improve the practical I could test a wider range of
exercises and test people of different weights, gender age group and

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