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1.1 Background of Study

Over the last three decades, the fast foods industry has infiltrated every nook and cranny of the Indonesian society. An industry that began with a handful of modest hot dog and hamburger stands in Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, and other cities ...view middle of the document...

This medium of advertising has allowed major food companies to plant persuasive images and themes within children’s collective consciousness.

The countless fast food promotions linked with familiar and lovable cartoons characters, with popular children’s movies or sport cars and the ad-emblazoned happy meal containing a gift inside, whether promotional cartoon character or action hero, coincidentally always in a series so the child is urged to return again and again, to “collect all ten ice cream sticks to get a prize...” are effective tactics fast food companies employ to get young children conditioned to believe in, and desire, their product.
Fast food advertisements appeal to children due to the benefits such as toys whenever a meal is bought. The reward for buying certain products for example, from McDonald’s, is to get a toy (doll). The more hamburgers the child buys the more rewards (toys) the child acquires. For example, an advertisement would be flashed on TV saying “Buy 3 packages hamburgers & get Hello Kitty doll.”
There is also other example such as Tre Semme shampoo suggest that using a particular hair shampoo will make people popular and win the admiration of attractive people. Television is undoubtedly the most powerful source for sending high impact messages about food/meals and other products.

The non-nutritious foods consumed by children, such as hamburgers, pizza, cakes and soft drinks, are the one that can cause children’s obesity if they keep eating it on a big portion everyday.
Studies also indicate that the children who watch a lot of television are more likely to request these items from their parents. Parents who allow their young children to watch more than two hours of television a day on weekends are putting them at significant greater risk of becoming obese as adults because when there are lots of foods advertisement on TV, automatically children will ask their parents to buy the foods for them. As parents, they must carefully control their kids’ watching time.
Empirical Data
There is also empirical evidence that food advertising affects knowledge about (un)healthy nutrition: commercials for unhealthy foods relate directly to lower levels of nutritional knowledge.
Empirical consumer research also shows that consumer knowledge does not necessarily lead to preferences for healthier food and that even if such preferences develop, they do not automatically guide behavior. Thus, although most children and their families generally know what a healthy diet involves, their food choices often do not mirror this knowledge.
According to the empirical literature, food advertising can influence children’s preferences either way—healthier or unhealthier preferences. Children also imitate their parents’ (and other adult caretakers’) food styles and learn by observation, meaning that they prefer eating fruits and vegetables if their parents do so.

1.2 Problem...

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