Effect Of Motivation On Various Services Industry

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1. INTRODUCTION1.1 Motivation"Motivation is willingness to exert high levels of efforts towards organizational goals, conditioned by the ability to satisfy needs."- Stephen RobingsMotivation comes from a desire to succeed and every individual has different motivation drive.NEED: DRIVE: MOTIVEHow to be motivatedThere are a number of questions to ask ourselves if we are feeling unmotivated:- How have we motivated ourselves in the past?- Do we set goals?- What distracts us from achieving what we want to do?Motivation comes from within us. Our level of motivation is affected by such things as stress and can lead to, or be caused by other feelings such as anxiety and depression. Motivation begins ...view middle of the document...

Things that may have a negative effect on motivation include; television, telephone, radio, and unplanned interruptions such as phone calls or text messages.RewardsSetting realistic goals should result in a pay off. Rewarding ourselves for achieving something we have set out to do is an important part of planning. Rewards focus us on the end result as well as help in getting started. This can help in gaining a sense of control over the problem rather than it controlling us.Other StrategiesMotivation and performance go together. Motivation leads to performance and performance can increase motivation.- Make positive statements to ourselves. Be aware of what we are telling ourselves e.g.; statements such as: "I have to do this..." can add to stress try; "I can do this..."...Instead of "I need to do this..." Try "I want to do this..."- Encourage ourselves - small changes are OK. Keep a record of what we are achieving. Seeing how far we have come can be a factor on its own in increasing motivation. Do a timetable for our self.- Use imagery, for example, imagine a time when we did feel really motivated, what was it that made the difference - try and use this to our advantage.* Become aware of how our thoughts and feelings affect our motivation. Faced with a particular set of circumstances we react in a certain way based on our thoughts or belief systems. This leads to certain reactions or feelings, which affect our level of Managers have a tremendous impact on the productivity of their employees. Motivation, performance and effectiveness are not all in the hands or the control of the employees of an organization. Managers need to be aware of the way in which they influence directly or indirectly their employees' behavior, actions and decisions.* One of the biggest challenges managers face today is how to effectively communicate corporate direction with clarity and consistency to all employees who have a right and need to know. Most organizations do a poor job of this at best. One way to find out what your people believe is to conduct an anonymous survey of attitudes, perceptions and opinions.* In conclusion, when people are afforded the opportunity to focus freely on their work, and that opportunity is backed by high expectations and appropriate rewards, they will do their jobs. It is very much in every organization's self interest to create and support a satisfied workforce because that workforce can build wealth almost as fast as a disgruntled one can destroy it.1.2 Industry1.2.1 IT IndustryIn the present scenario whether it is India or at the Global level IT industry plays a very significant role of our life. In information technology (IT), India has built up valuable brand equity in the global markets. In IT-enabled services (ITES), India has emerged as the most preferred destination for business process outsourcing (BPO), a key driver of growth for the software industry and the services sector.Some peculiarities of IT industry- Change in...

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