Effect Of Teaching Load To The Instructor’s Work Performance

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A Thesis Proposal Submitted to the
Faculty of the School of Graduate Studies
CORE Gateway College
San Jose City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
Of Educ 204 Research Methodology
Major in Educational Management

February 2006


Chapter I

The Problem and its Background

In the country, colleges and universities have become the vital social force. They supply the countries work force. They always play major role in providing higher education to the youth. The teaching faculty is the very substance of a higher ...view middle of the document...

(Mantawil, 2005) Thus as result overloading of such activities if left unchecked will give rise to issues concerning appropriate incentives for overloads as what occurred in the overload-to-service-credit issue of Catanduanes State College. (Tabuzo, 2002)
In a similar case, workload beyond reasonable demands where the workers are paralyzed by the rising cost of living and low salaries give the workers (a nurse) no other choice but to look for greener pasture and the institution instead of hiring more workers opted to increase the loads of each worker. (Romualdo, 2005) The decision to resort to overload of teaching loads is their response to incentives that overloads would give, more income. To obtain a substantial amount of compensation, a sufficient number of subjects taught have to be reached. As a consequence, considerable numbers of working hours and lesson preparations has occupied their entire working hours little time available for research and service. Consequently, teaching load is still very heavy at an average of twenty-four (24) hours per week which is the maximum requirement of the Bureau of Private Schools. And, no instructor can attain maximum efficiency, if he is overworked and consequently poor health. Enthusiasm and alertness are essential to good college teaching. College teaching demands regular health habits, a sound emotional tone and abundant energy. Instructors’ striving for work stability and better paychecks, the condition is persistent.
Similar condition is seen in the CORE Gateway College; teaching loads seldom matters for the college instructors. They highly render the importance of teaching. Teaching is the sole highest activity in the college. Periodic evaluations measure the work performance of the instructors as the result was given the instructors adjusts. Basically, the energy input is commitment and the energy output is superior teaching. Low pay, heavy loads and overwork accompany their struggle. (CGC Instructor’s Records) The college instructors receive salaries that are paid per subject taught. 100% of them are teaching their majors and, secondly they teach general subjects with 40 and above students; not to mention the variance of their teaching load. They also have faculty responsibilities as well as teaching, research and extra-curricular activities, each demand great deal of time. There was no increase in hiring for three years.
This study opt to prove whether there is significant effect of having substantial number of subjects taught and the instructor’s work performance in order to justify why should the college administration provide a responsive teaching workload policy that would stabilize the college work and support the instructors in their quest for professional improvement.


This study deals with the work performance of instructors in the CORE Gateway College, Maharlika Highway, San Jose City during school year 2005 – 2006 in relation to their...

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