Effect Of The Existing Dialects In English Fluency

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English language plays a vital role in one's life as a medium of communication. According to some studies, there are 450 million people who speak English in more than 100 countries around the world. It has been subjected to a large average of integrated language variation for many years. Modern English as a communication tool is commonly used in many countries and philosophers considered this as the international language.
The use of English language in different countries by native and non-native English users is phonologically different to one another based on the nature of the speaker’s language. The origin of vocabulary affects the order of acquisition in the aspect ...view middle of the document...

It is a medium of instruction in almost all the subjects. The students are required to speak English especially in the class. Some words come out from their mouth harder than the usual sounds such as p and f or b and v. It can affect directly to fluency in speaking English because the dialect that a student is speaking is the first language or the mother tongue.
Every student in an institution comes from different places. Kolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Lipa as a college institution provides education that deals with the mastery of English language especially in Education Courses. The problem is the acquisition of English language as a communication tool. The students come from different places have their different dialects and stresses which affect directly to fluency in speaking professional language.
The research discusses about the existing dialects and accents in Education students and how they greatly affect the process of acquiring fluency in speaking English as a language.

Statement of the problem
This study aims to identify the effects of different existing dialects to the English fluency of Education students of Kolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Lipa.
Especially, it seeks to answer the following questions:
1. What are the existing dialects among the respondents?
1.1. Among these different dialects of the respondents, which was the most number of users?

2. How can English fluency be measured?
2.1. To what extent can English fluency be measured?

3. How does the variation of dialects affect the performance of the students in terms of the spoken English fluency?
3.1. Does it also affect the grammar of the students?

4. What strategies can be used to develop the English Fluency of the students who have dialects?

1. The variation of dialects among the respondents has significant effect in their performance in terms of speaking English language.
2. Various strategies are useful to improve English fluency among respondents having difficulties because of their nativities.

Significance of the study
The study is significant to the students, teachers, researchers, future students of research, to the Education Department of KLL and to the schools in general.
Students. This study is primarily important to the students of the institution since a discovery of the subject and the respondent's strengths and weaknesses regarding the stated area would enable concerned teacher to implement various strategy and to innovate their way of teaching that would benefit college students enrolled in the English subject.
Teachers. The significance of this study is also addressed to the teachers as an instrument in discovering and formulating better and more effective teaching strategies to improve and enhance students English fluency.
Researchers. To the...

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