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Since it has been our task to look for new suppliers that will provide lower wholesale or retail price of rice, we canvassed two suppliers selling rice in wholesale and retail. But first of all why are the prices of rice necessary for us to know? I believe that the one reason we need to know the prices of rice is that we Filipinos eat rice every day of our lives. We all now that rice is very staple for us Filipinos and every year the prices of the rice increases due to economic crisis and affects the Philippines economy
That’s why we choose to canvas rice to compare which ...view middle of the document...

Equation of the function:
Ramonted Store: f(x)= P2560(x), x>0
Monterey: g(x)= P2500(x), x>0
C. Graph of the Function
Retail: Monterey g(x)=55x, 0<x<50
Ramonted Store f(x)=55x, 0<x<50

Wholesale: Monterey g(x)= 2500x, x>1 (Blue Line)
Ramonted Store f(x)= 2560x, x>1 (Red Line)


A. Interpretation
The price table shows that the price of rice per kilos in Monterey and Ramonted Store is 55php. The Graph for retail shows that x can not be greater than 50kilos and less than 0 since it would qualify for wholesale if it is 50kilos of rice bought and it is literally not possible to buy nothing. The graph also shows that the total cost, g(x)/f(x), cannot be greater than P2750 because x is less than 50.
The price table shows that the price of a sack or rice in Monterey is P2500 and in Ramonted Store it is P2560. Thus, the price of a sack in Monterey is P60 less than the price of a sack in Ramonted Store. The Graph for wholesale shows that x cannot be less than 1 because if you buy rice not 1 sack then it is not considered wholesale. The graph for Ramonted Store shows that the total cost, f(x), cannot be less than P2560 since a sack of rice is worth P2560. The graph for Monterey shows that the total cost, g(x), cannot be less than P2500 since a sack of rice is worth P2500.

B. Recommendation
Since the prices of rice per kilos are equal to the both establishments, we therefore conclude that the supplier for retail of rice can be either Monterey or Ramonted Store. And since the minimum total cost of Monterey is P60 less than that of Ramonted Store, thus, we will choose Monterey as our supplier of sacks of rice because we can save P60 per sack of rice we buy.

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