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Effective Advertising And Implementation Essay

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Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation Paper
Clare Mawae
University of Phoenix

Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation Paper
The paper examines the island of Molokai as a destination through the organization of the Molokai Visitors Association (MVA). The island in the past has struggled in getting the advertising message of whom they are but in the last few years, the MVA has worked hard to bring a mix together that gives a strong advertising message to an audience both consumer and community. The past marketing and advertising efforts of Hawaii as a destination and the upcoming Sainthood of Father Damien has ...view middle of the document...

The advertising department can use this target market as the foundation to shape the creativity to appeal to this segment of the market. In the case of Molokai, the Molokai Visitors Association (MVA) works closely and under the overall umbrella of the Maui Visitors Bureau (MVB) and Hawaii Visitor and Convention Bureau (HVCB).
Both the MVB and the HVCB help to spearhead the MVA’s marketing and advertising campaigns with a wider audience to that of the MVA. Molokai’s audience is more refined and in search for the more adventurous traveler that likes the peace and quiet of Molokai that the other islands cannot offer. Molokai is unique, and it helps when National Geographic do a full spread on a survey of 111 islands, ranking Molokai as number six as part of the “best rated islands in excellent shape, relatively unspoiled, and likely to remain so” (Tourtellot, 2007).
The Relationship between Consumer Behavior and Target Markets
In general, the product will find the target market and observe the wants and needs of the consumer, creating strategies and tactics to enhance the branding and drawing the markets attention. Molokai on the other hand, has tried several approaches drawing in a certain type of clientele that suits the island but has always struggled to find the right form of marketing mix that blends well with the consumer and the island as a destination. Molokai has differed to that of the other islands, since politics and finding a natural balance for the island has played important roles in identifying the real target market over the years. Listening to the voices and understanding the needs of the community gives the MVA a model foundation that helps to identify the right visitor to the island. By doing this, maintaining the balance of the island and blending of the marketing mix can create a harmonious lifestyle and balanced economics for the island and visitor.
Product Positioning
Molokai has found itself in 2009 to be in a strong position with the upcoming ceremony of Blessed Father Damien becoming a Saint in 2009. Molokai has also found itself to be part of a growing trend of conservation and a destination that is unspoiled from the onslaught of developers. Although the MVA is part of the overall Hawaii campaign, Molokai is that special kept secret searched by certain types of people. With the current Hawaii campaigns on the mainland, the discussions worldwide of Father Damien becoming a Saint, Molokai is well positioned.
The Advertising Media
The MVA spends about $190,000 a year in advertising, ranging from consumer print to travel trade. Magazines such as Conde Nast, Frommers, National Geographic Traveler and Adventure have proved to be good leads for the island. Other magazines such as Sunset, Southern California Senior life and HoloHolo a local main airline’s magazine have proved to be positive influences in the advertising campaign. In addition the alliances of Hawaii as a destination is a...

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