Effective Communication And Collaberation Essay

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Learning teams in the college environment provide a benefit to the adult learner. The team can be very successful if the leader can communicate and collaborate with all personnel assigned to the group. To understand how to accomplish effective communication, the group must understand the difference in learning styles and personality traits. Three of the most predominant learning styles include logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, and naturalistic. Personality types also have an effect on how the team works together for a common goal. The traits of a thinker, organizer, and giver personalities combined with the various learning style can lead to success or cause conflict among the ...view middle of the document...

To communicate with the visual/spatial learner a teacher or team leader could present information as a graphic representation of the material or a lecture focusing on the physical aspects of a topic.
The third learning style of naturalistic primarily looks at how to maintain a relationship with nature. The learner will form groups with likeminded individuals and strive to connect to nature whenever possible (Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop, Sarah Kravits, 2007). To relate effectively to this style a leader could set group meetings at a park or outside patio area. The naturalistic student will also help promote balance and strive to have all groups work together in harmony.
Each member of the learning team has a personality type along with a learning style. The traits of each type can round out a group or flatten it out. The thinker is known very well at problem- solving and coming up with ideas. The giver will promote harmony in the group and mediate between members on different ideas and suggestions or conflict. The organizer is a member of...

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