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Effective Communication In Nursing Essay

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Reflection is a vital key for effective communication with patients and their families.

The main claim to this paper, is to prove, to have effective communication with patients and their

families, firstly, one must know oneself. Communication is a two-way street Yes...but for

effective communication to be understood, one must acknowledge oneself first, Communication

starts with ourselves. we need to address that we, too, are human beings, with our own thoughts,

feelings, beliefs, attitudes, prejudices and preferences. There is an increase in the healthcare

profession that we must care for ourselves before caring for others (Burnard,2001). (Older reference

but ...view middle of the document...

Communication is an expressions of ones thoughts...To convey what one person is trying to say to

another. When communicating there is a messenger and a receiver but sometimes due to the way

the message is delivered there maybe misunderstandings, and confusion arises and the message

maybe misunderstood. Be clear and precise in what you're trying to say and why, (Crisp & Taylor


Body language has a great deal to do with communication and it is believed that body language is

the greatest form of all communication skills because it is hard to control and therefore, maybe even

more acknowledged that the spoken word, (Crisp & Taylor 2009). From birth, body language is the

basic skill and the only way a baby has to communicate, as a teenager spoken words are often

mixed with bad reactions but again their body language is without doubt the best way of

understanding our confused teens, Adulthood is often confronting, their peers may use prominent

words, which to the receiver may be complicated, and hard to follow the meaning of. Lastly the

elderly they tend to go back to the basics, using more useful and simpler language, possibly laymen

terms, if one prefers.Non- verbal communication is very powerful, facial expressions – eye contact,

smiles, touches can be very effective tools when used appropriately. Just to listen can give

confidence and support to the patient and families. Within families, the function of communication

is to assist family members in clarifying rules regarding behaviors, assisting people to grow and

learn, to help them better understand their environment, to explain how conflicts are resolved, to

nurture and develop self-worth and harmony with others, become holistic. It is possible for nurse's

to convey simple information to the patient or family (or both) by not using technical terminology,

ask them to repeat the said statement in their own words this will prove that they have understood

what was said, stated by Stein-Parbury,J (2009).

It should be understood that when one addresses a patient and their families one must speak clearly,

using words they will understand, an even tone of voice and be timely, there is no point in telling

things that are of no relevance or out of the nurse scope. This can become messy and embarrassing

for the nurse, and the family will lack confidence with what is being said. Be honest and polite,

when people can see that nurses are people too, then they also, can understand that one can put

their trust in nurses.

It is the combined knowledge of the patient, families and the nurses that will improve the quality of

care for the patient. For this to...

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