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Effective Communication Leads To Team Success

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Effective Communication Leads to Team Success
Rashida Ware
University of Phoenix
Being part of a team can be both an exciting journey and a learning opportunity. When a person is part of a team, he or she has responsibilities to the other team members for the team to be successful. A major component of a successful team is team communication. Team communication is an underlying factor on the team defining their tasks, how these tasks will be divided and conquered, and how to achieve effective performance. (Ad den Otter, 2007). In the college atmosphere, teams consist of students who are either placed to work together or choose each other, to accomplish a common goal. Once the goal is ...view middle of the document...

The storming stage testing occurs amongst the team members. One tries to decipher the leader’s role and how each team member will fit in the power structure of the team. (Krietner-Kinicki 2004). Challenges can stir at this stage because members are usually in a power struggle and procrastination can occur. If team members do not communicate at this time about his or her concerns, the lack of communication can cause some dysfunction amongst the team. This communication can be difficult in a team with one from a different culture and or age. Depending upon ones culture, it can be seen as disrespect if a younger person is the leader and an older person should follow his or her instruction.
The benefit to this diversity is that each team member has something different to bring to the group by way of experiences and knowledge. One may display different options for resolving problems. Mocking or rejecting a person’s idea or knowledge can lead to disbanding of the team.
In the norming stage, more cohesiveness is felt amongst all team members. Members of the team have gained trust and openness with one another. Learning to accept another’s difference helps to recognize and positively manage conflict. At this stage, a member will dare others to step up to the plate and learn how to resolve conflict without involving emotion. A person in a team must be willing to do his or her part in assisting in the team’s success. To determine which member will do what should be a team effort not just that of one member of the team. “Teamwork requires collective action that is grounded in words and actions.” (DeJanasz, Dowd, and Schneider 2002). As each member gets to input his or her idea on how tasks will be developed, the team can begin to focus on how and when the tasks will be accomplished.
A challenge at this time is that the member, who will dare others to resolve the conflict, may not be the leader. Others of the team may not see that person as one to be providing direction and the discussing of a topic may be prolonged further than necessary. This in turn can lead to delay of completion of the set goal. As long as respect has been established amongst all team members, a person’s, other than the leader’s, point of view or advice will be just as important. Members have been motivated to participate and will more willingly do so.
The performing stage is where a great deal of the getting the work down is accomplished. By this point of development, all skills and knowledge have been pooled to guide the team towards success. Members of the team have grown and matured throughout the development process and understand what is and is not expected of them. The communication at this level is open and constructive; members have a willingness to help, and the...

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