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“What are the effective study skills that provide a sole foundation of a sound education”

Study skills looks at a wider range of abilities rather than just ‘academic’ skills to help achieve a sound education, as explained by Stella Cottrell (2013, p36). Cottrell begins by explaining that the study frame work known as ‘APT-S’ which are broken down into four categories of skills; Self, Academic, People and Tasks. In this essay I will look at each framework individually and what they mean before concluding how they assist in building the foundation of successful education.

Self- management skills relates to the individual and their environment at a more complex level as these can change ...view middle of the document...

Creative problem- solving and synthesis includes the use of diverse knowledge and skills, combined or used separately, it helps students to explore new and motivating ways for problem solving. Understanding is also a key in building a strong academic skill, as it means students can work confidently and at ease with more difficult or challenging problems in their study. Another area Cottrell explores for academic skills are written and other communication skills. It looks at different ways of communication skills are used, for example the structure and clarity helps to organize a students work so both themselves and readers can find the reasoning. Precision is also needed in written and other communications as correct words, data and relevant information makes a piece of academic clear and to the point. Cottrell also explains that knowing the appropriate style and audience awareness of communication, for example written communications such as essays or dissertations, spoken such as presentations and electronic.

People management is very helpful when creating a strong education foundation as it encourages students to work in social environment. This can be beneficial as being active or taking part lets student to share feedback, ideas, offer support for both academic and personal performance growth, (Cottrell 2013, p 40). Other forms of people management skills Cottrell discusses are making presentations and contribution both electronically via social medias or online, and face-to-face.

Task management skills is the final study skills to be discussed as it uses all the above...

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