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Explaining Effective Study SkillsMr. Student, it has been brought to my attention that you believe that you can work full-time at Domino's and pursue an online degree in Business Management without modifying your study habits that you used in high school. If this is in fact your intention; please allow me to offer you some insight.Online/Distance learning is "No Joke", Joe. I am actually taking that same course that you have registered for right now. I can assure you that those old tricks from high school are not going to be sufficient enough for distance learning.You may be used to sitting in a conventional class room where you would listen to your teacher give blocks of instruction as he/she summarized the chapter for the class while you took notes. You are probably used to getting together with study groups as well. You may even be used to ...view middle of the document...

You will have to read all your material for assignments well enough in advance that you will have ample time to wait for an answer to any questions you may have pertaining to an assignment. There are no study groups either; you are expected to understand and do your own work, which means that you will have to become independent and self sufficient for the most part.Independence in distance learning means you are solely responsible for your own learning and understanding of the material provided. Since you have a full time job as well, you will have to adapt your learning skills to be more efficient at both job and college. Everything is fast paced and you will move quickly from project to project. Organization will benefit you most in juggling job and schoolwork. You will have to learn to communicate your thoughts in non verbal language/online tone as well. You can not write the same way you talk to your customers at Domino's. Every word you write online is out there in for all to see. Mr. Perez says… "It is like getting naked on top of the Empire State Building under a web cam. Everyone can see your business!" (Axia College, Faculty/Coach).In conclusion, remember that all your work is on line which may throw you an additional learning curve if your computer skills are minimal. I would like to suggest that you have a good computer if you are serious about online/distance learning. You will need to have Microsoft Office because there is a lot of writing involved in distance learning as well. If you do not already have it installed on your computer; get it and become familiar with how to use it before your classes begin. Be sure that you have an excellent internet service as well, because the internet will be your lifeline to your future in online/distance learning.Sincerely,(...)Please Note: There were several grammatical errors and punctuation issues that brought the grade down, but the context was accurate for the assignment. Also, You may not want to use first person depending on the instructor you have.

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