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Effective Teacher


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“A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his/her audience's attention, and then he/she can teach his/her lesson.” (Clarke). A child’s preschool experience is his or her introduction to the world of education. As a preschool teacher, it is your responsibility to provide kids with a safe, fun environment where they can express themselves creatively make new friends and adjust to spending part of the day without their mommies and daddies. Teaching preschool is certainly not easy, although most teachers say the job gets easier with ...view middle of the document...

| * Teacher should be Friendly * Should listen to the children’s before concluding. * Give time for children to explain their point of view. * Should have connection with parents. |
* When we behaves well and obey teachers rule, they should get stars. * Teacher should teach us new things. * Teacher should wear beautiful clothes. | * Good teacher must be honest & friendly to all the students. * Should be fair to all students and a good facilitator. | * Should respect students. * Set high expectations from all the students. * Create a sense of community and belongings. * Maintain professionalism in all area. |
* Teacher should send children to corners. * Teacher should take them out door for playing. * Teacher should send child to reading corner. * Teacher should give stars. | * Should be a good observer. * Should be a good problem solver. * Should be a good idea maker. * Must be a good creator. * Teacher must be a good listener. | * Friendly and congenial. * Knowledge and education. * Good sense of humor. * Good listener & communicator. |
Good teachers are likely made up of a...

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