Effective Teaching Strategies Essay

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Content Review

Amelia Mitchell

Walden University

Dr. Carol Dunn

Effective Practices: Assessment, Teaching, and Learning (EDUC – 6607 – 3)

September 18, 2009

1. Based on the information presented in this week’s “Introduction to Teaching and Learning” video program and your course text reading, how would you characterize the relationship between teaching and learning? In what ways does this relationship encourage you to teach differently than the way you were taught in the past?
Teaching and learning go hand in hand. One should not happen without the other. According to the text, it is instruction based on principles of learning that maximizes learning for all ...view middle of the document...

Describe in your own words how this theory explains the ways in which students internalize knowledge, acquire skills, and develop thinking behaviors.
Different people learn in different ways. Therefore, it is essential that teachers know the learning styles of their students. Once the leaning styles of her students have been identified, she can then develop lessons plans that will meet the needs of all of her students. With that being said, the learning styles theory is the theory that I most relate to because it reveals how a student learns rather than how smart the student is. According the Funderstanding website (1998-2008), the Learning Styles Theory implies that how much individuals learn has more to do with whether the educational experience is geared toward their particular style of learning than whether or not they are “smart.” It goes on to say that educators should not ask, “Is this student smart?” but rather “How is this student smart?”
Learning is internalizing knowledge that is used to achieve an end. How we achieve that end depend on the skills that are acquired and the thinking behavior of the student. What the student learns depends in part on the effectiveness of the teacher. Effective teachers help produce strong growth in academic achievement. Acquiring skills and developing thinking behaviors is also dependent on the effectiveness of the teacher. They are a result of the knowledge learned in the classroom as well as the knowledge the student already possess. When this knowledge is retained and applied in a way that makes sense to the student, they can use this knowledge to increase their learning and understanding of the world around them.
3. Consider the principles of cognitive learning theories discussed in your course text reading. Then, describe how one or two demonstrations you watched in the “Classroom Demonstrations: Teaching and Learning” video program illustrate principles of cognitive learning theories.
When I think of Cognitive Learning Theory, I think...

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