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Effectiveness Of Mto Program In Banking Sector

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Final year project |
Effective MTO Program in Banking Sector of Karachi |
Submitted by: |
Zuhair Ahmed - 4292 |
12/17/2012 |



Project Title | Effective MTO Program in Banking Sector of Karachi |
Submitted by: | Zuhair Ahmed (BB-03-08-4292) |
Project Supervisor: | Sir Aijaz Ali |
Academic Year: | 2012 |

The board of Advanced Studies at PAF-KIET has approved this project as requirement for achievement the degree in Bachelor of Business Administration.

Approval committee:
___________________ __________________
Sir Aijaz Ali Sir Adnan Anwar
(Supervisor) (Director Academic)

Letter Of ...view middle of the document...

I wish to express my gratitude to Sir Aijaz Ali, for his devotion and willingness to help me and guide me in this project at any point in the semester.

Without him valuable comments and suggestions, the research could have been more difficult to complete.

Last but not the least; I would like to thank each and every one who supported and extended their cooperation to me in catering all informational needs.

Acknowledgement 5
Abstract 7
Introduction 8
Chapter 01 9
Problem and Its Scope 9
Research Questions 10
Objectives of the Study 10
Chapter 02 12
Literature Review 12
Chapter 03 18
Research Design and Methodologies 18
Research Model 19
Population of the Research Project 20
Sampling Technique 20
Instrument 21
Pilot Test 21
Correction in Instrument 21
Chapter 04 24
Analysis of Data and Interpretation of Results 24
SPSS Results 24
Interpretation and Answers to the Research Questions 26
Chapter 05 33
Conclusion 33
Key Findings 33
Recommendations 35
References 36
Questionnaire 39


These days, MTOs are playing a vital role in the development of the banking industry. It is necessary to train them under the best conditions. The topic which I have selected is “Effective MTO Program in Banking Sector of Karachi.” This study is conducted to find out the best conditions that can bring out the perfect MTO program. As like any training program Management training program is also affected by some variables. These variables were found out through study of different articles, research papers, case studies, books and web data.

This study found out the effect of the variables (that are duration of program, organization culture, design and implementation of program, skills of the trainer and motivation of the trainee and workplace environment) on the effectiveness of the MTO program. A questionnaire was designed to measure the impact of independent variable on dependent variable. The questionnaire was filled out by 40 HR and management training persons of 10 different commercial banks of Karachi. SPSS software was used to find the outcomes of the collected data. The overall result presented a positive relationship between dependent and independent variables. Result interprets that the duration of program, organization culture, design and implementation of program, skills of the trainer and motivation of the trainee and workplace environment have a direct effect on MTO program. Trainers, HR personnel and all other people involved in MTO program must keep a strong control on these entire variables to make this program effective for the organization.


The research is made according to the basic research study formal and divided in five chapters. The first chapter includes the problem statement and the scope of the research in which I have highlighted the importance of MTO program and maximizing the effectiveness. I have also...

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