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Effects Of Alcohol Essay

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It might come as a surprise to many that there are both positive and negative sides to alcohol and its consumption. The benefits are not widely known because there generally, alcohol is given an overall condemnation in most societies. The negative aspects of alcohol on the other hand are also not clearly and specifically understood because of the overall condemnation. This paper highlights the specific benefits and negative aspects of alcohol with the aim of drawing a reasonably factual conclusion about whether alcohol is a good thing or an ill.

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Scientists are still investigating the link between moderate alcohol consumption and lower risk of silent strokes and other mild types of brain injury. Pre-study knowledge suggests that moderate alcohol consumption lowers the risk of these conditions.

Then there is the obvious benefit of alcohol as a social drink. Alcohol has throughout time been used as a social drink to celebrate or to bring people together. Alcohol makes parties or celebrations lively and helps people to unwind.

Negative Effects of Alcohol

It is important to note that most of the negative effects of alcohol are associated with excessive alcohol consumption. The immediate negative effects of alcohol include aggressiveness, talkativeness and impaired ability to make judgment and to coordinate body functions. The bible refers to alcohol as a brawler. The effects of aggressiveness, talkativeness and false confidences are often causes of brawls, fights or confrontations for people who have consumed more than recommended amounts of alcohol. As far as judgment and coordination of body functions are concerned, alcohol causes more deaths and injury than most of the deadliest pandemics in the world (Leigh, 2007). Car accidents caused by drunk driving are the most common form of death and injury caused by alcohol.

Over the long term, alcohol has numerous other negative effects. Alcohol for instance causes changes in appetite and also short term loss of memory. This could be attributed to the fact that excessive alcohol consumption has negative impacts on the brain. One of the ways in which alcohol damages the brain is by diminishing the size of the brain (Leigh, 2007). With a diminished brain size, most of the functions of the brain are compromised.

The other negative effects of alcohol are that the drug causes addiction and dependency problems. Addiction and dependency are not...

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