Effects Of Cellphones Essay

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AY 2013 - 2014



The Thesis Committee


Abiertas Radiance School


Marianne Louise Sison AY 2013-2014

Thesis Abstract

This thesis documents a research program in which the Abiertas Radiance School, 4th year students, Group 2, study the effects of cellphones on the third year students of Abiertas Radiance school Incorporated. This research introduces about the history of cellphones, how it was developed and how it become like it was today. At first it was only used for ...view middle of the document...

Days before, when cellphones are not that functional, people get their 1st phone mostly when they are mature enough like when they're 18 or even 20 above. But today, even if you are 12, 11, 8 or whatever your age is, you can have your own cellphone as long as your parents bought it. That's why many teenagers are being addicted to it and of course it has bad and good effects.


The earliest produced phones had the radio communications of ships and trains. The first mobile phones were produced by Motorola in 1973. It was launched in Japan by NTT at 1979. The Second generation of cellphones were lauched at finland by Radiolinja on the GSM standard. Ten years later, the third generation of phoens were lauched at Japan by NTT DoCoMo. And now the 5G phones are used in some research papers.

Statement of the problem

This research seeks to determine the effects of the too much usage of cellphones of the third year students. This study is also to know the risks, advantages and disadvantages of using cellphones. The researcher seeks to answer the following questions:

1. How often does the third year students check their cellphones?

2. What are the reasons of too much usage of phones?

3. What are the effects of too much usage of phones?

4. What are the risks they can have because of addiction to phones?


We hypothesized that students used their cellphones often because of communicating to others that are far away from them and also they use their cellphones for playing games to pass time and enjoy. They also used this as a camera and as mp3 players. We also hypothesized that because of the value of time that they used in using their cellphones, they are already...

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