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Effects Of Digital Technology On Health

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Effects of Digital Technology on Health



Effects of Digital Technology on Health
The levels of technology have increased at a high rate in the last decade, and the use of digital electronics has become more common. Technology has a lot of benefits but also has side effects if not used to a certain limit. In the current generation, the use of digital electronics such as computers, video games and mobile phones has become the norm and it’s proving to have a negative health impact. Such electronic devices are very common among the youths, and they use them very often for both academic and entertainment purposes. Despite ...view middle of the document...

Computers are used while sitting and this body posture leads to complications with the back, neck and shoulders. Consistent and continuous use of the computer causes the back to ache due to poor blood flow and also causes the neck to ache due to maintaining one position for a long time. A computer user often has their arms folded at ninety degrees while typing and this position of the hand fatigues the shoulder very fast. The most common health risk of computers is eye and vision impairment due to the bright light that computers produce and the fact that the light is so close to the eyes. Continuous use of the computer makes the user have a blurred vision once they withdraw their eyes from the machine. The eyes have a tendency of getting fatigued and due to so much straining it can lead to a disorder called the asthenopia. Long time computer users complain about burning and itching of their eyes and more often the eyes tear. Computers have a tendency of reducing the ability of the eye to distinguish colors although this effect lasts for a few minutes after withdrawing the eyes from the computer.
Spending many hours while using a computer can lead to severe headaches some of which can last for up to five hours if no medication is taken. Excessive use of computers makes the body suffer from stress which is characterized by increased breathing, quickened pulse and increased production of stomach acids. Computer users often skip meals and production of acids in an empty stomach can cause stomach ulcers. When the body suffers from stress many times, it can cause sleeplessness and lack of appetite. Prolonged Computer use leads to the user gaining a characteristic of being short tempered and can suffer from high-blood pressure or even heart diseases. Computers can make the user suffer from tension headaches in the long run which have symptoms such as head and scalp discomfort and are caused by prolonged tightness of head muscles.
Computers play a role of data storage, and this leads to the users experiencing a reduced rate in the ability of their brain to store information. Computer users have a tendency of forgetting things very fast as compared to people who don’t often use computers. The rate of computer related health complications has increased with the introduction of laptops to replace the desktops. While using the laptop, the user is closer to the screen as compared to using a desktop and hence the health effects are more severe. The monitor, keyboard and the CPU are all combined and hence it is difficult to position the body in the recommended posture in order to minimize the health risk (Patrick et al, 2008, p.177). Laptops are generally heavy and carrying them can cause back pains
Mobile phones
Use of mobile phones is unavoidable since they have reduced the cost of communication and also have other features such as the internet which are essential in the daily life of the user. However, health organizations such as the world health...

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