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Effects Of Globalisation Essay

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UNESCO Global Partnership for Girls’ and Women’s Education - One Year On

Basic Data

Source: EFA Global Monitoring Report statistical tables (school year ending in 2009).

Girls’ education Over the last decade, Kenya has made significant progress in education, achieving gender parity in primary education enrollment and near parity at secondary level. However, as the above data show, gender parity does not mean that universal access to primary education has been achieved and enrolment in secondary education remains low for both boys (51%) and girls (48%). This is of a particular concern for girls, as the data imply, over half of secondary school-age girls are not enrolled in ...view middle of the document...

A GPI of 1 indicates parity between sexes.

secondary level has been a major concern. Even when girls are enrolled in secondary schools, many do not complete the cycle due to gender-insensitive teaching practices as well as shortage of female teachers as role models. According to the Kenyan EFA Assessment report (Draft, 2012) 2, the gender parity index (GPI) for the teaching force in 2010 was 0.85 at primary education level and at 0.60 at secondary, indicating a relatively male-dominated teaching force, especially at the secondary education level. Moreover, gender disparities to the disadvantage of girls in learning achievement in mathematics were evident in the 2000 SACMEQ report3.

Gender-sensitive training of teachers and school principal for girls’ and women’s access, participation, and advancement in mathematics, science and technology education
The project Gender-sensitive training of teachers and school principals for girls’ and women’s access, participation, and advancement in mathematics, science and technology education was initiated in March 2011, following an agreement established with GEMS Foundation for a total amount of US$ 1 million over a period of four years. The purpose of the project is to improve girls' and women's access to and advancement in the learning and teaching of sciences, mathematics and technology in Kenya and Lesotho (see Lesotho’s Fact Sheet) and contribute towards the achievement of gender parity and equality in education. Through the provision of gender-sensitive training for teachers and school principals, the project will enhance the teaching of mathematics, science, and technology using creative pedagogies. It will also reinforce the role of school leadership in promoting the participation and advancement of girls and...

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