Effects Of Networking Management Essay

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Core components of strategy implementation:
* Strategic decision-making
* Organizational evolution and change
* Management by Objectives
* The role of teams and leaders
* Knowledge assets

Lecture 1

The Eclectic Roots of Strategy implementation Research
Views on strategy implementation:
Structural view:
* Organizational Structure
* Control mechanisms (assessing performance during and after the implementation of the strategy – Role of formal control systems in strategy implementation

Interpersonal Process View
* Strategic Consensus –external consensus also imp ---TATA NANO
* Autonomous Strategic Behaviours
* Diffusionary Processes
* ...view middle of the document...

A market ‘niche’ is
typically a transient thing
Making choices and evaluating
them are simply the final stages in the decision
process, and seldom the most important stages.
Before choices are made, the occasions for choice
must be identified, effort must be focused on
problems or opportunities and possible courses
of action must be designed.
Problem identification and alternative
generation are crucial components of strategy.
Strategic planning will not happen by itself, or
even if we simply set up organization units
formally charged with doing it. The planning
effort will be effective only to the extent that it
permeates the entire organization and only if its
products are disseminated effectively.
Organizational identification, essential to the
implementation of strategic plans, is a good deal
more than simple loyalty. Identification implies
absorption of strategic plans into the minds of
organization members where they can have direct
effect upon the entire decision-making process,
starting with the identification of problems,
continuing with the design of alternative courses
of action, and leading ultimately to effective

Lecture 3
How to deal with uncertainty
* Separate it
* Decompose it – Structuring uncertainty makes it manageable
* What kind of information is missing – State, Effect, Response uncertainty –See article in recommended readings
* Scenario Planning and benefits of good scenarios to strategy implementation (reduces limitations in management decision making, makes uncertainty more manageable)

Lecture 4
Knowledge in Strategy
* Knowledge Invention Innovation Firm Performance
* Types of innovation – Product, Service, Process, Organizational & Business Model
* How knowledge helps –Strategy implementation should be such that it maximises the value of a product (created via knowledge and innovation) which leads to (temporary) competitive advantage…..Risks of imitation and substitution
* Open model of innovation and Closed model (Adv and Disadv)
* Innovation and Appropriability hazards for strategy implementation (knowledge revelation is required)
* How to prevent imitation
* Patents
* Trademarks
* Secrecy
* Causal Ambiguity

Becker 2004, pg 662 – conclusion – organizational routines – 4 things
* Enable coordination
* Some degree of stability of behaviour
* Need to use limited cognitive resources
* Routines bind knowledge, including tacit knowledge
We are living in a...

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