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Effects Of Psychological Interventions Essay

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There are many different types of chronic illnesses, chronic pain, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and cancer, just to list a few. Chronic illnesses are hard to live with on a daily basis. The Center for Disease Control (COCD) defined chronic illness as a disease that has a long-term effect on our body, but it can be controlled but not cured. The effects that chronic illness does to our body causes more stress on us then if a patient didn’t have a chronic illness (“What is Chronic Disease?” 2011). For example, say a grandmother had chronic back pain and her husband died about a year ago. Her chronic back pain would add stress because she cannot do as much as she wants to do. For intense, ...view middle of the document...

One of the main ways to effectively reduce the effects of chronic illness is by psychological interventions. The World Health Organization defines a psychological intervention as, “promotion of positive mental health training aiming to achieve positive mental health by improving the social, physical, and economic environments that determine mental health” and by the “prevention of mental ill-health with the main focus to decrease the occurrence, prevalence and re-occurrence of mental disorders” (World Health Organization, 2010) . The three main types of psychological interventions are: self-management, social support groups, and professional. During self-management, the patients manage the disease in their own way. With social support, the family and friends get involve and participate in the intervention along with the patient. The professional intervention, is when the patient follows what a physician or and expert advises them (World Health Organization, 2010).
During the psychological intervention of self-management the patient learns about the disease in which they have and the patients decides which method he or she would like to pursue based on their research. Patient education is important during chronic illness ("Chronic Disease Self-management."). The doctor will know the outline of your chronic illness but by using the Internet, you can find more current and up-to-date articles, studies, and findings about the disease. The basis for patient education is having instructions that are based on knowledge for a specific disease does patient education. The chronically ill patient having a better understanding and knowledge for the disease has improved clinical outcomes (Coleman, 2005). The Center of Psychological Disease recently did research on how self-management affected chronically ill patients. By self-management interventions, the number of hospital visits was decreased, as well as a booster in self-esteem and overall wellbeing of the patient ("Chronic Disease Self-management."). By doing this, this provides patients with a cost-efficient way of having an intervention. One simple way that a patient may increase his or her knowledge on the disease is by using websites the medical field promotes (Coleman, 2005).
Exercise is another type of psychological intervention done by self-management. A doctor can tell a patient that they need to lose weight, but it is ultimately up to the patient whether or not they are determined enough to lose the weight or not. By weekly doing two hours and thirty minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise it can reduce your risk of having chronic hearth disease and stroke. This weekly workout routine decreases your risk of attaining a chronic hearth disease because it allows for your blood pressure to decrease and improves your cholesterol. Exercise has many positive effects on almost every chronic illness ("Physical Activity and Health." 2011).
For diabetes, exercise can control your weight. It is...

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