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Effects Of Some Factors Affecting Reading Proficiency

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An Action Research Project
Presented to Dr. Victoria C. Naval of the Open University System
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Sta. Mesa, Manila

In Partial fulfillment of the Requirement of the Course
MEM654 Economics of Education


Cleofe R. Manuel




Literacy is a fundamental human right and the foundations for lifelong learning. It is fully essential to social and human development in its ability to transform lives. Reading is the magic key to the world of enlightenment and enjoyment. It is ...view middle of the document...

The many literatures nowadays are almost all written in English. Aside from these, students have examinations either the test is done by the teacher, by the school, or even by the government in the form of national achievement test which are mostly in the form of reading text with the comprehension questions.
Poor reading performance is one of the various problems that teachers encounter. While such problems should be attributed to some causes as social, economic, gender, educational background of parents, environmental or psychological factors. It is the vital task of all concerned especially the teachers to improve the quality of instruction to help the striving readers and students-at-risk in reading acquire the basic knowledge and skills in reading which they could utilize as avenue to undertake other subjects prescribed in the curriculum.

Background of the Study

Commonwealth High School is a typical public high school in Quezon City with a population of 9113 for school year 2013-2014. It is one of the biggest high schools in Quezon City. It has eight buildings, two covered courts and a mini-forest. There are 315 competent teachers, 8 school heads, 5 non-teaching personnel and 13 utility workers. There were joint projects accomplished through the joint effort of the city government, the enthusiastic principal and the CPTA members and officers. The school has been chosen as the hall of famer in Brigada Eskwela. It has mini-forest that makes the school not only a child-friendly school but also an environment- friendly. Every visitor will always feel wonder when they enter the campus. They could not believe that there is an existing public school with such beauty. The buildings, named after the former mayors of Quezon City, are well-structured on the sides. In the center, there are two covered courts and the mini forest. The ground is still big enough to accommodate the huge number of students. In the ground, traffic is also being observed. Students, teachers, and visitors could not walk in any direction. They have to follow the so called yellow lane.
The students belong to different folks of life. Classes have fifty or more students of different proficiency levels. In every year level there are forty sections which is compose of 40-50 students for grade 7 and grade 8 students. In the 3rd and 4th year level each section has 40-45 students. Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) is still being employed in the third and fourth year level while the K-12 curriculum is being exercised to grade 7 and grade 8.
It has been an observation in the past that the quality of instruction has been very high as justified by the successful graduates from this school like accountants, nurses, teachers, social workers, engineers and other professions. With the prestigious achievements of graduates, the teachers wish to keep up the good academic performance of the students but the latest result of the diagnostic test revealed the low performance of the...

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