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Effects On Globalization In Culture Differentiation

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Effects on Globalization in Culture Differentiation

. Defining concepts

1.1 On Culture

“The whole world is my native land”

One of the first difficulties that needs to be overcome whenever trying to make a globalization approach is the lack of a universal acceptation of a unique terminology. As we will be trying to identify any relationship between cultural difference and globalization on the following pages, and knowing about the recurrent problem stated before whenever making these type of analysis, I consider that the clearest way of starting one is by giving a detailed explanation of the terms that I will be using in it.
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In this sense, Culture has been understood as civilization, but we should not, however, take for granted the relation hidden between both words.

Cultural differences and Cultural identity are the hard and the tail of the same coin. Cultural differences between social groups get evident as cultural identities in social groups reach high expressions of self-determination and uniqueness.
From now on, a social group that bears a more or less homogeneous and unique cultural identity will be referred as a cultural group. As an example, I will mention the Aymara people living in the Andes region of South America. Sharing a common language is to some extend sharing the same way of living , and this is perfectly exemplified in the Aymara view of the world (cosmovision) and its relationship with the language they use . Because of sharing a more or less homogeneous way of viewing the world, a language, and even a unique cuisine, etc, we might well call the Aymara people a cultural group.
The process by which two or more cultural groups extol and determine the cultural differences between them is a cultural differentiation process. A cultural differentiation process is far away of being a deterministic process. On the other hand, its modus operandi varies according to the time and conditions that exist whenever two or more cultures happen to interact.
Now, It is somehow evident that several cultural groups can coexist in the same place. We will refer to this phenomenon as Cultural Diversity, and its degree of manifestation can vary significantly. Somehow, what it is not historically evident, unfortunately, is a pacific way of coexistence given cultural diversity.

1.2 On Globalization

More than ever before, Globalization seems to be a term that is gradually becoming devoid of meaning. Several people tend to confuse the term with Free Market and its discontents. Authors like Pierre Bourdieu and David Harvey have conceived Globalization as a non-reasonable and camouflaged alternative to neoliberal free market capitalism. I do not intent here to despise the important relation that Globalization and Free Market imply but, as Robert Niezen has very well pointed out, the biggest mistake on those authors that do not allow them to perfectly understand Globalization is the non perception of the fact that it is free trade what is made possible by globalization (on a big scale), but free trade it is not globalization itself.
Globalization is everywhere. Typical representations of it are found everywhere in daily life. We just need to go to the shopping mall –a typical symbol of Globalization effects, primarily, on an economic surface- and see the logos of Mc Donalds, Microsoft and Coca Cola to realize that Globalization implies an economical surface. Indeed, multi-corporations and their big scope represent (perhaps better than anything) the fact that Globalization is causing the weakening of the nation-states boundaries when it comes to trade....

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