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Efficiency And Competition Of Islamic Banking In India Secura Investments

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Islamic Banking is the system of banking consistent with the Shariah law. Normally, the Islamic Banking concepts are accepted worldwide and are prohibited by the payment of interest or ‘Riba’. This novel concept has received encouraging response from all over the world. While obeying the principles of Shariah, this banking system offers innovative financial solutions for basic financial needs in underserved markets to complex financial requirements of modern times. With considerable growth potential, Islamic Banking System is referred to as a socially responsible and ethical banking model.

The concept of Islamic banking has got great momentum all over the world and huge potential is there for Islamic Banking in India. In India Islamic banking system is flourishing even with the prohibition of interest. Islamic ...view middle of the document...

Islamic Mutual fund Industry in India is nowadays generating better returns. The availability of Islamic Indexes and the appointment of Shariah board advisors in conventional bank have boosted up the Islamic banking system considerably. Indian Mutual funds have evolved into a peak growth comprising domestic and foreign investors. Mutual fund have attracted new small and individual investors to mutual fund concept and sparked a surge of creativity in the Indian Mutual fund industry. Mutual fund investment has enabled investors in achieving better returns and to hold up diversified investment portfolio.

Secura, an Islamic finance company provides Investment management services to venture capital and mutual fund, private equity, real estate or any other funds. Investment management team of Secura constitutes expert professionals who can manage investments in real estate, finance, construction etc. In addition to Investment services, Secura does Leasing of spaces, professional fund management and also project management services. Being the India’s first Shariah compliant real estate Venture Capital Fund, Secura stands as a unique identity in the Shariah compliant financial model in India.

With steady growth rate and Islamic banking is galloping all over the world and is ready to gain enough momentum in India. It is a widely accepted financial system having much significance in many of the western countries with a threshold of adoption in India. No doubt that Islamic finance will gain considerable momentum in the coming years In India when professionals like lawyers, bankers, accountants etc. from within the country and outside starts drawing substantial returns, so that they can come up with innovative Shariah compliant products in the future. If you want to invest in the Shariah way which helps you attain considerable revenue from your existing assets, Secura will help you. For more information, visit

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