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Egypt And Bahrain Essay

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Egypt and Bahrain
I think we can safely assume that the most important area of interest as far as the US is concern at the moment is the Middle East vis a vis its economic interests. From an International Relations point of view, two interesting Countries in this region are Egypt and Bahrain but in this case not necessary because of oil. We can divide the Arab countries experiencing political turmoil into three categories: those that seem to be on a positive trajectory toward democracy; those in a state of uncertainty; and those where the forces of repression have crushed the opposition. In Category A, I believe that only Tunisia deserves that designation. Category B includes Egypt ...view middle of the document...

In the case of Bahrain, after an initial condemnation of the use of violence and a general call for moderation, the United States has deferred to the regime's crackdown with Saudi participation. At present the protests in Bahrain appear to be only on the part of the indigenous Shia-majority population, protesting their discrimination by a Sunni-minority who rule the country. What will the US administration do if the situation changes and the protests extend to include the whole population, claiming for more democracy and individual freedoms? Will President Obama come out on the side of the people of Bahrain, taking into account that the island-state is home to the Fifth Fleet of the US and is linked by a bridge to Saudi Arabia?
The United States in the abstract may still be associated with political liberties but it is widely viewed as two-faced and speaking out of both sides of its mouth. Obviously the US has no interest or intention of rolling back the revolution in Egypt. But surely prefers that important elements of the old order do stay in place: Egyptian collaboration on Gaza, on...

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