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Egypt Online Advertising Market Outlook To 2017 Favorable Prospects In Online Search Advertising

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Egypt Online Advertising Market Outlook to 2017 - Favorable Prospects in Online Search Advertising

The industry research publication titled ‘Egypt Online Advertising Market Outlook to 2017- Favorable Prospects in Online Search Advertising’ presents a comprehensive analysis of market size of online advertisement, display, search, lead generation, sponsorship advertisement, digital video, e-mail, mobile and classifieds segment in Egypt. The report entails the market share analysis and company profiles of major players in the online advertising industry. The future analysis and segmentation by type of advertisements have also been discussed. Egypt has a resilient advertising ...view middle of the document...

Other segments such as video, mobile, lead and online sponsorship were minimal contributing segments in the industry. The leading platforms in the online display advertising industry included players such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo while the leading advertising agencies included Starcom, OMD, Universal Media and few others. The online advertising industry in Egypt is set to witness an immense rise as the economy is recovering from political turmoil and the internet penetration and computer literacy is expected to increase tremendously. During 2013-2017, the online advertising spending in the country is expected to reach USD ~ million in 2017, growing at a CAGR of 36.7% during 2012-2017. Most of the internet advertisements would continue to be driven by the display advertisements and search advertisements, with display making a contribution of ~% and search advertising contributing ~% in 2017. KEY TOPICS COVERED IN THE REPORT The market size of the Egypt online advertising market in terms of value during 2007 - 2012 Egypt online advertising market segmentation by type of advertisement (display, search, social, lead generation, sponsorship, mobile and video advertising) Egypt online advertising market segmentation by spending on industry (banking, real estate, telecom services and others) Egypt online search, display advertising, lead generation, sponsorship, mobile and video advertising market size in terms of value (2007-2012) Trends and Developments in the online advertising market in Egypt Competitive landscape of players operating in online advertising market of Egypt in search, display and video advertising. (for both platforms such as Google, Facebook) and leading advertising agencies such as Starcom, OMD, Universal Media, Initiative and others) Future projections and macro economic factors of Egypt online advertising. table Of Content

1. Egypt Online Advertising Market Size And Introduction

2. Egypt Online Advertising Market Revenue Models, 2012

3. Egypt Online Advertising Market Segmentation By Type Of Industry, 2007-2012

4. Egypt Online Advertising Market Segmentation By Type Of Advertisement, 2007-2012 4.1. Market Size Of Different Segments In The Egypt Online Advertising Market 4.1.1. Egypt Online Display Advertisment Market, 2007-2012 4.1.2. Egypt Online Search Advertisment...

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