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Election Of 1860 Essay

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Ben Yetman
Rough Draft
6.2 Impact of changes in science, technology, and medicine
The Fifties was a critical time period for the development of science, technology and medicine. This was a time period during the cold war and was a great boost in technology, medicine, and science because of the competition between America and the Soviets. In result of this rivalry between the two, the American nation had a boom of inventing. America knew to become the dominant world power we had to over come the soviets in all three of these categories and that’s just what we did.
Towards the end of World War 2 America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan and changed the world drastically. Coming into ...view middle of the document...

Thanks to this discovery, people in America don’t have to worry about polio. Another huge outbreak in the medical field was the first open heart surgery. This surgery was preformed on a five year old girl. Medical advances such as blood transfusions and improved anesthesia paved the way for the first heart surgeries. Another great scientific explosion was the development of the Birth control in the form of a pill. It was approved in 1950 by the FDA and then made legal for ordinary American citizens.
The Russians defeated the Americans in an attempt to create the first satellite. The Russians called it sputnik and it made them look powerful. It was launched on October 4TH, 1957, and was the first object ever launched into space with a ballistic missile. America came back with our invention of the satellite and called it “Explorer 1”.
T.V. was heavily used in the 1950’s for the election of the president and impacted the vote of the people heavily. Television became the dominant media of the 1950’s for the people and it was made affordable for most middle class Americans. Also, the tape recorder was created. This was a very good invention but hurt Nixon and his presidential campaign. It was used to trap Nixon and was going to end up impeaching him from being the president before he resigned.
In conclusion the 1950’s was a big age for development in medicine, technology, and science for America and the rest of the world. The 1950’s put America in the lead over all other countries in the world. It not only changed the world for the better but saved many lives too.


"The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II: A Collection of Primary Sources." The George Washington University....

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