Electra A Cycle Of Violence

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Electra is known as one of the most famous Greek tragedy written by Sophocles. Based on the background of the city of Argos after the Trojan War, the play is all about the vengeance of Electra and Orestes, who are Agamemnon and Clytemnestra’s children. The tragedy starts when the King Agamemnon is killed by his wife Clytemnestra and his first cousin Aegisthus. As the hatred for her cruel mother has rising, Electra determines to take revenge for her dead father with help from Orestes. The play finally ends up in blood and deaths. Even though the vengeance is successfully completed, with the principle mentioned in the play which is “Blood in return for blood,” the cycle of tragic and cruel ...view middle of the document...

Electra saves her little brother from her cruel mother by sending him far away from the city of Argos in hope that one day he would come back to avenge for their beloved father. Witnessing her mother living in a luxury, happy life and sleeping with the man who kills her father, Electra’s hatred has become larger and greater. She lives in misery and sorrows every single day. Even worse, Electra has no rights to marry anyone because her mother and stepfather worry that her children will be a threat to them. While Electra is imprisoned and treated like a slave in the palace, Orestes, who is Agamemnon’s only son, is planning his journey to come back to Argos for the vengeance. Fortunately rescued by his sister along with the Apollo’s advice “Not with an army but with your own right hand, by stratagem give them what they have earned, and kill them both,” (p. 104) Orestes believes that he lives his whole life only for the purposes to take revenge and seize the city of Argos from the ones who killed his father. Even though the vengeance is a choice made by human, there is still an involving of God’s hands. The dream of Clytemnestra is an omen that frightens her about the return of Orestes. “They say that in her dream she saw our father returned to life and standing at her side; He took the scepter which he used to hold himself – the one that now Aegisthus carries – and planted it beside the hearth; from...

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