Electric Wire Rope Hoist And Trolley And Kbk Light Cranes

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Electric Wire Rope Hoists and Trolley are designed and manufactured for heavy duty service.Electric Wire Rope Hoist and Trolley can be relied upon to handle your most delicate loads with precision control,which can be installed in singlebeam hoist, bridge cranes, gantry cranes, cantilever cranes, modified, also for winch use. Therefore, it is one of the commonly used lifting equipment in factories, mines, ports, warehouses,garages,shops, etc. is to improve labor efficiency, improve the working conditions necessary machinery.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist and Trolley features:
1.One-piece welded steel frame ensures precise fit & long hoisting machinery life
2.Direct acting brake solenoid for ...view middle of the document...

Advanced detection means and high-quality staff is the guarantee of quality, customer demand is our motivation, customer satisfaction is our aim.As a mature heavy machinery manufacturer, we not only produce individual industrial equipments, but also deliver an end-to-end solution to cover the entire project lifecycle including machinery design, manufacturing, installation and on-going maintenance.SMF is Professional crane Manufacturer,if you need buy Bridge crane,Gantry crane,KBK cranes,single/double girder cranes,hoist and parts,please contact us.

KBK light cranes can be tailored to suit outdoor location and can be fitted with a weather protection plan, KBK light crane system enable goods of all kinds to be transported with ease. they provide area-serving, overhead handling – and guarantee fast, reliable and precise positioning even for heavy loads and large span dimensions.

KBK light cranes benefits:
1.Cost-effective implementation
2.Modular system design
3.Smooth and reliable handling
4.Favourable installation dimensions
5.Rated for loads weighing up to 3,200 kg
6.Suspension from existing workshop ceilings or roof structures

KBK light cranes Product Description :
Electric hoist
1. International advanced tide compact and nice.
2. Reduce: High strength hard gear...

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