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Lets go back to 1916 where Hugo Balle, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco, and Richard Hue- Isenbeck are finding the Dada artistic movement. These guys are a bunch of anarchists living in Zurich, Switzerland. The Dada movement preaches the “essence of spirit” the freedom of expression, hatred to “the great war” (or what we later called World War 1) , with a want to preserve the middle class, while humankind was degrading morally, with little or no hopes for a bright future. This goes in context with this CS3 course in how before world war 1, man thought so much was to come. The Dada movement expressed the deterioration or our civilizations due to wars through sound and not words. They thought sound ...view middle of the document...

Basically you stand in front of it and wave your hands back in fourth and it will make noises and tones out of that.
So as everyone else go into Hollywood and Rock N Roll, the world was still not speaking the same language of music. People in the Middle East listened to Um-Kilthoum at the same time Elvis was dancing to the Jail House Rock. Also in the late 1950’s, new sounds became available as people used the “Theremin” with the string set-up of a piano to make music. Et Voile La, the first Electronic Piano or E-piano came out in 1958. People were surprised to see a piano that uses electricity to play out notes. In the 60’s the first proper analogue synth came out from a company by Robert Moog called the Mini-moog. Now thanks to the development of these instruments which are worth tens of thousands of dollars in museums these days, we had the fame of people such as Walter Carlos, Emerson Lake & Palmer and Pink Floyd. Although most bands used guitars, it was these electronic instruments that made their sound “different”.
Time goes on into the 70’s where soul and funk dominated dance-floors in nightclubs all over the world. So many songs come out at the time with a variety of instruments such as trumpets, violins, guitars, and drums, but what made the sound unique were the electronic keyboards mainly used for the bass sounds. YMCA, Macho man, I will survive, funky town, the bee gees, the Gibson brothers, George Clinton, Abba… (and this is Amii Stewert Knock on wood) and so many more all contributed to the disco era which was the first public outrage of electronic music because they all used electronic instruments.
A group of Germans got together in 1972 and formed the first purely electronic band and called themselves Kraftwerk. They used electronic drum machines that looked like huge computers and took electronic conception to the extreme. Other artists came out; there must be someone in this class that has heard of Jean Michelle Jarre. The French guy that holds those huge concerts with laser-lights flashing in the sky above Paris while he runs around on stage not holding a guitar, but rather a microphone plugged into a keyboard where he would come out sounding like a robot. For more check out his albums “Oxygene”. I think there are like 12 volumes out now.
At the same time a few American bands followed the trend and...

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