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Element: Arsenic Essay Written As Auto Biography. Simple

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My name is Arsenic. I have 33 protons; you can see me on the right side of the periodic table of the elements. In the year 1250 I was discovered by Albertus Magna. I am a metalloid which means that I am a semiconductor. This means that I can carry an electrical current by electron propagation or hole propagation. I can be yellow grey or black. I am also evenly distributed throughout Canada and I come from Mispickel ...view middle of the document...

This gas smells and looks like garlic, this gas is what causes the lung cancer if enhaled. Sometimes when a well is made, the rock where I live in is cut and I dissolve into the water. When people drink from this water they become sick and I destroy their digestive system. I have made many people sick such as Napoleon and Claire Booth Luce who was the American ambassador to Italy just before WW2. She was poisoned because of the wallpaper which I was staying in. The wallpaper then crumbled and fell into her food day after day.I am used in pesticides, medicines, pest controls, computer chips, shotgun shot, wood preservatives, bronzing and in converting electricity into coherent light. In 1649 Johann Schroeder published two ways of separating me from the soil that I live in. My boiling point occurs before my melting point because of the fact that I have to be under large amounts of pressure to actually form a liquid. This is because under heat I turn directly to a gas. When the gas is under pressure it turns into a liquid. Accounting for this pressure my boiling point actually does occur before my melting point.

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