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“Elements Of Good Practice In Community Translation”

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Community Translators are expected to abide by a Code of Conduct (sometimes referred to as Code of Practice or Code of Ethics) setting a framework for translating in the public services. The objective of the Code of Conduct is to make sure that members of a professional association can be relied upon to behave according to rules that protect and respect the interests of their commissioners (clients) as well as those of their fellow members. Also it states that communication across language and culture is carried out consistently, competently, impartially and that all those involved in the process are clear about what may be expected from them. Through my essay, I am going to explore the ...view middle of the document...

Also it is expected from translators that they make the necessary preparation for a translating task, conduct a lot of research, have a strong knowledge of Public Service terminology, have a good command of both languages, including current idioms and dialects and they shall continue to develop their professional knowledge and skills.

A further important issue in the translating occupation is the need for confidentiality. Any information gained during the course of translating documents should be strictly confidential. Here, the same as in any other profession, keeping certain information in secret and protecting someone’s privacy is acting according to British law (e.g. Data Protection Act, 1998). Breaking the confidentiality law is not only illegal but may disadvantage the commissioner. For example, a translator may be required to translate a letter from court addressed to the witness of a highly publicised crime. The translator may be exposed to confidential information that if shared, could lead to placing the life of the witness in danger. Also they could get too many people involved in this case, which certainly isn’t their job. Apart from disadvantages to others they put themselves at risk of losing their job.

If we, as translators, come across documents which we might find very useful and profitable, we should never use it for our own interest. A good...

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