Elements Of Religious Traditions Essay

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Elements of Religious Traditions paper
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Elements of Religious Traditions paper
In today’s world, there are many religions and, they all practice and worship in different ways. They all have certain beliefs, certain rituals and, traditions that they carry. This paper will explain how religious traditions describe and encourage the relationship with the divine; the relationship with the sacred time; the relationship with sacred space or the natural world; and the relationship with each other. This paper will also identify key critical issues in the study of religion.
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There they have a priest who witnesses to them based upon their beliefs. Moslems pause through the day for prayer times, and they may even have certain areas or a special rug and candles that they use. They pray to Ali (which is their God) the highest spirit there is. They believe that Ali is their father and in everything that they do has to come from or be accepted by him. There other certain holy days and festivals these religions have. Some those are most known are Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah which, is celebrated by Jews, Ramadan, which is celebrated by Moslems, and Christmas and Easter, which is celebrated by Christians. Next these religions have sacred space, let’s see the relationship in which each religion shares with this.
Sacred space usually relates to a special place of worship and beyond that to places within that space, for example Christian the sacred place is the Church and within the church they go to the altar. Jews have the synagogue and within the synagogue they have a confessional and alter. Moslems have a mosque and within the mosque is usually a carpeted area light with candles where they pray on their knees. Some others are burial mounds native Americans most commonly have these. Buddhist temples and so forth. These may also be considered the dwelling place of the religions. God We will explore the relationship they carry with each other.

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